Universal Crossword March 29 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword March 29 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword March 29 2024 Answers:

Compete in a sprint 4 letters RACE
Pic-sharing app 5 letters INSTA
Permanent record in a way 4 letters SCAR
It becomes another name when L is moved to its front 4 letters ELON
Apple device? 5 letters CORER
Peacock or bull 4 letters MALE
I’m stuck! 10 letters VOODOODOLL
Lose it 4 letters SNAP
Voice above alto 7 letters SOPRANO
Cut (off) 3 letters LOP
Equal: Prefix 3 letters ISO
Dr. No actress Andress 6 letters URSULA
Big bags 5 letters SACKS
Eclipses in the ancient world 5 letters OMENS
I’m not a kid anymore! 9 letters BILLYGOAT
College party barrel 3 letters KEG
T-Mobile e.g. 7 letters TELECOM
Enough! 6 letters STOPIT
Good lord not again 6 letters OHGEEZ
Salsa percussion instruments 7 letters MARACAS
Preface to a texted take 3 letters IMO
I’m a big deal! 9 letters BLACKJACK
Olympics boat 5 letters CANOE
Lather follow-up 5 letters RINSE
Oppose 6 letters NAYSAY
Revolutionary Love singer DiFranco 3 letters ANI
Pronoun related to dis 3 letters DAT
Works with what’s at hand 7 letters MAKESDO
Messy pile 4 letters HEAP
I’m on a roll! 10 letters SESAMESEED
___ to my surprise … 4 letters MUCH
Howdy! 5 letters HELLO
Used WhatsApp briefly 4 letters IMED
Lhasa ___ 4 letters APSO
Sherlock’s sister 5 letters ENOLA
Tears roughly 4 letters RIPS
Accelerates with up 4 letters REVS
Potatoes in Indian cuisine 4 letters ALOO
Farmers’ network briefly 4 letters COOP
Evasive play in football 6 letters ENDRUN
App symbols 5 letters ICONS
For sure! 7 letters NODOUBT
Show promoter’s dream letters 3 letters SRO
Revealing biography 7 letters TELLALL
Singer Guthrie 4 letters ARLO
Texting tech 3 letters SMS
Request to make an entrance 10 letters CANICOMEIN
State whose motto is North to the Future 6 letters ALASKA
Share on X 6 letters REPOST
Rowboat propellers 4 letters OARS
Just kidding! 5 letters PSYCH
Golf ball’s position 3 letters LIE
Eager and then some 4 letters AGOG
Signs off on 3 letters OKS
Convened 3 letters MET
Self-motivated people? 10 letters EGOMANIACS
Zodiac feline 3 letters LEO
Campaign-funding orgs. 4 letters PACS
Vexed 5 letters IRKED
Musical Mahal 3 letters TAJ
Punk music offshoot 3 letters EMO
Saldana of Star Trek 3 letters ZOE
Hiker’s water holder 7 letters CANTEEN
Obama health law’s initials 3 letters ACA
Bygone in-flight catalog that’s now online 7 letters SKYMALL
The Creator in Hinduism 6 letters BRAHMA
Stand in a row! 6 letters LINEUP
Word after pound or cup 4 letters CAKE
Sailor’s affirmative 6 letters AYESIR
Girl Scout cookie or an island country 5 letters SAMOA
Arthur in tennis history 4 letters ASHE
Prefix with final 4 letters SEMI
Like some holes and pockets 4 letters DEEP
Casino statistics 4 letters ODDS
Vietnamese soup 3 letters PHO
___-mo 3 letters SLO

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