Universal Crossword March 26 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword March 26 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword March 26 2024 Answers:

Places to take a photo with Santa 5 letters MALLS
Affirmative at sea 3 letters AYE
Droop as a rose 4 letters WILT
Apportions 6 letters ALLOTS
Coltrane’s instrument familiarly 3 letters SAX
Operatic highlight 4 letters ARIA
Start opening impatiently 6 letters TEARAT
Go there to fill the bucket for our castle? 8 letters THATSAND
___ Millions 4 letters MEGA
Actor’s part 4 letters ROLE
Coffee alternative 3 letters TEA
Home videos of Nana? 13 letters GRANNYFOOTAGE
Official with a whistle 3 letters REF
Friend: Fr. 3 letters AMI
Sch. in Dallas 3 letters SMU
Selma director DuVernay 3 letters AVA
Tall stories 5 letters TALES
Italia’s capital 4 letters ROMA
Riches that went up in smoke? 15 letters BURNEDTREASURES
18-wheeler 4 letters SEMI
Ran out of patience 5 letters HADIT
Text before thx 3 letters PLS
___ Vegas Strip 3 letters LAS
You ___ My Sunshine 3 letters ARE
Garden tool 3 letters HOE
Developers’ winning proposals? 13 letters BESTLANDPLANS
___ Paulo 3 letters SAO
Ski resort in New Mexico 4 letters TAOS
Horse with multiple colors 4 letters ROAN
Suddenly become charming … or parsed differently the rule for formulating 18- 23- 38- and 50-Across? 8 letters TURNITON
What helps one get up to speed? 6 letters ONRAMP
Notion 4 letters IDEA
Find a function for 3 letters USE
Stuffed oneself with out 6 letters PIGGED
Clears (of) 4 letters RIDS
To be in Bogota 3 letters SER
Lovergirl singer Marie 5 letters TEENA
Word after welcome or wrestling 3 letters MAT
Strong beer 3 letters ALE
Where a soft wool is produced 9 letters LLAMAFARM
Italian actress Sophia 5 letters LOREN
Stop developing 8 letters STAGNATE
Houston baseball pro 5 letters ASTRO
What an exciting tech company! 5 letters YAHOO
Holds in high regard 6 letters EXALTS
Where ___ I? 3 letters WAS
Hopping mad 5 letters IRATE
It goes from point A to point B 4 letters LINE
I did it! 4 letters TADA
Never get over a slight 7 letters STAYMAD
One of 32 in the NFL 4 letters TEAM
Takes without asking 5 letters GRABS
Show with sketches and songs 5 letters REVUE
Muck 5 letters FILTH
Expert 4 letters GURU
Unit in history class 3 letters ERA
Camry or Accord 5 letters SEDAN
Annie setting 9 letters ORPHANAGE
Cantaloupe for one 5 letters MELON
Beasts of burden 5 letters ASSES
River that may have helped ancient Egyptians build pyramids 4 letters NILE
Deliver via iPhone 7 letters AIRDROP
Hurry up! 8 letters STEPONIT
Wine region hidden in Christmastime 4 letters ASTI
Something to like on Facebook 6 letters STATUS
No longer paying attention say 5 letters BORED
Like an unsecured screw 5 letters LOOSE
Ed who played Santa in Elf 5 letters ASNER
Big 5 letters LARGE
Mix as batter 4 letters STIR
BMW competitor 4 letters AUDI
Illmatic rapper 3 letters NAS
Of Mice and ___ 3 letters MEN
Kissing on the subway e.g. in brief 3 letters PDA

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