Universal Crossword March 25 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword March 25 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword March 25 2023 Answers:

Panamanian pal 5 letters AMIGA
Worker with an Apr. deadline 3 letters CPA
Total clowns 5 letters BOZOS
1860s-1970s creative output 9 letters MODERNART
Apply as force 5 letters EXERT
Oh boy here we go! 9 letters IMINFORIT
To the point 5 letters TERSE
Residue on Santa’s suit 4 letters SOOT
Lamb’s sound 5 letters BLEAT
When hands come together? 4 letters NOON
Meat in a Cuban sandwich 3 letters HAM
Cathartic outpouring of emotion 7 letters GOODCRY
Punster’s quality 3 letters WIT
Lightning attractors 4 letters RODS
Hashish pipe 6 letters HOOKAH
The S in OSHA 6 letters SAFETY
Sipped slowly 6 letters NURSED
Fear of Flying novelist Jong 5 letters ERICA
Indian string instrument 5 letters SITAR
Examine thoroughly … or casually 6 letters PERUSE
Measuring sticks 6 letters RULERS
You ___ kidding! 6 letters WERENT
My Name Is ___ (Jason Lee sitcom) 4 letters EARL
Morning moisture 3 letters DEW
Prom bouquet 7 letters CORSAGE
Spoken music genre 3 letters RAP
Cheese similar to Gouda 4 letters EDAM
___-Coeur (Paris basilica) 5 letters SACRE
Brit’s See ya! 4 letters TATA
Feature of some ’50s TVs 5 letters COLOR
Obvious choice 9 letters NOBRAINER
Joint that’s easy to roll? 5 letters ANKLE
Did an awesome job 9 letters CRUSHEDIT
Approvals 5 letters YESES
All good things come to an ___ 3 letters END
It can be dramatic 5 letters IRONY
Pennsylvania sect 5 letters AMISH
Fast X actor Jason 5 letters MOMOA
Stab in the back for one 5 letters IDIOM
Well-mannered fella 4 letters GENT
(I want a treat!) 3 letters ARF
Spanish tennis player Alcaraz 6 letters CARLOS
Was nosy 5 letters PRIED
Stick on 6 letters ATTACH
Put money on the line 3 letters BET
They make a strong team 4 letters OXEN
Goal for hard-core composters 9 letters ZEROWASTE
… at least that’s the rumor 9 letters ORSOIHEAR
Surgically implanted tube 5 letters STENT
Not a soul 6 letters NOBODY
___: Legacy (2010 sci-fi film) 4 letters TRON
Can we talk briefly? 7 letters GOTASEC
Positive? 7 letters YOUSURE
Happen again 5 letters RECUR
Seal food 5 letters KRILL
Mo. of Brazilian Independence Day and Labor Day 3 letters SEP
Can I go now? 9 letters AREWEDONE
Sole-warming activities? 9 letters FIREWALKS
Some E.R. workers 3 letters DRS
Biblical name that anagrams to ones 4 letters ENOS
Wild and raucous celebrations 6 letters RAGERS
Hypnotic state 6 letters TRANCE
One of a music fan’s pair 6 letters EARBUD
Break down 5 letters DECAY
Disdain 5 letters SCORN
Complete stranger informally 5 letters RANDO
Didn’t dine out 5 letters ATEIN
Celebration 5 letters PARTY
Sauce made with chiles and chocolate 4 letters MOLE
Amphitheater level 4 letters TIER
Hi-___ image 3 letters RES
Poke bowl tuna 3 letters AHI

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