Universal Crossword March 24 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword March 24 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword March 24 2024 Answers:

Social workers that live in hills 4 letters ANTS
Title for Emma Thompson 4 letters DAME
Winter hrs. in the Navajo Nation 3 letters MST
Meat salt-cured to make pancetta 9 letters PORKBELLY
Mineral with bands of color 5 letters AGATE
Ride for rugged terrain 9 letters TRAILBIKE
Car called a saloon in Britain 5 letters SEDAN
Bread for French toast? 4 letters PAIN
Shelters for skiers 7 letters CHALETS
Seoul singers 3 letters BTS
Took the helm 7 letters STEERED
Buzzer that can’t see red light 3 letters BEE
Treasure holders 6 letters CHESTS
Posed a threat to 7 letters MENACED
Set lists? 5 letters CASTS
Spiteful 4 letters MEAN
Baby Cobra comedian Wong 3 letters ALI
Shape on a fairy wand 4 letters STAR
Cosmic payback 5 letters KARMA
You might change yours often 4 letters MIND
Mustangs’ Texas sch. 3 letters SMU
CARE and WWF e.g. 4 letters ORGS
Davis of Beetlejuice 5 letters GEENA
Liberated 7 letters SETFREE
Found x perhaps 6 letters SOLVED
Knock on the head 3 letters BOP
Learning experiences 7 letters LESSONS
Consequential period 3 letters ERA
Desert horse breed prized by the Bedouin 7 letters ARABIAN
Prize in a video game box 4 letters LOOT
Trust Exercise author Choi 5 letters SUSAN
There I’m done venting 9 letters ENDOFRANT
Luggage label 5 letters IDTAG
Wet reactions to dry humor? 9 letters SPITTAKES
Told you! 3 letters SEE
Card that beats a deuce 4 letters TREY
Scuba diving need 4 letters MASK
Right for the occasion 3 letters APT
Neither’s partner 3 letters NOR
___-la-la 3 letters TRA
Omit 4 letters SKIP
Accounting entries in red 6 letters DEBITS
Skirt style named for a letter 5 letters ALINE
Dr. who won the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize 3 letters MLK
Skin care products that treat dark circles 9 letters EYECREAMS
Just pretended 11 letters MADEBELIEVE
Lavish banquet at the White House 11 letters STATEDINNER
Past or present e.g. 5 letters TENSE
Big explosions 6 letters BLASTS
Carne ___ 5 letters ASADA
Squishy stuff in some seat cushions 3 letters GEL
Dye in some temporary tattoos 5 letters HENNA
Secretly loops in 4 letters BCCS
Some nerve! 11 letters THATSSORUDE
Nutty sauce in Asian cooking 11 letters SESAMEPASTE
Comes into view 7 letters EMERGES
Walk with pride 5 letters STRUT
Desert mount 5 letters CAMEL
Real mess 9 letters MARESNEST
Peninsula where Parasite is set 5 letters KOREA
Father in baby talk 4 letters DADA
Stop being strict 6 letters GOSOFT
Fleeting romance 5 letters FLING
High-and-mighty 6 letters SNOOTY
Rationale 5 letters BASIS
Nostalgic song 5 letters OLDIE
Sound heard during fleecing 3 letters BAA
Amusement park ride of sorts 4 letters TRAM
Planet Money network 3 letters NPR
Letters before a pen name 3 letters AKA
Console for Duck Hunt 3 letters NES
Reprimanding sound 3 letters TSK

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