Universal Crossword March 22 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword March 22 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword March 22 2024 Answers:

Pueblo material 5 letters ADOBE
Female sheep 3 letters EWE
All two 4 letters BOTH
Middle Eastern home of the world’s oldest capital 5 letters SYRIA
Mercy me! 4 letters EGAD
Crowd’s clamor 4 letters ROAR
Pressure sources at school 5 letters PEERS
Winter underwear 9 letters LONGJOHNS
Out of juice 4 letters DEAD
Like a highlighter hue 4 letters NEON
Flair 4 letters ELAN
Parks or Luxemburg 4 letters ROSA
*Garlicky shrimp dish 5 letters SCAMP
*Thanks for dinner 4 letters RACE
He pities the fool 3 letters MRT
Dissonant perhaps 6 letters ATONAL
They’re practiced in pre-K 4 letters ABCS
Basic font 5 letters ARIAL
With little to no vermouth or with no booze 3 letters DRY
How to do your best THINKING? 13 letters OUTSIDETHEBOX
Title for Maisel or Doubtfire 3 letters MRS
Sailors tie them 5 letters KNOTS
Colorful eye part 4 letters IRIS
Went off like a smoke detector 6 letters BEEPED
Tabby for one 3 letters CAT
*Welles of old Hollywood 4 letters ORSO
*Straight’s partner or like a strait 5 letters ARROW
Grad. degrees 4 letters PHDS
___ on the back (encouragements) 4 letters PATS
Soccer legend aka Edson Arantes do Nascimento 4 letters PELE
Actor Omar or Mike 4 letters EPPS
Flowery tropical tree 9 letters JACARANDA
Guitar riffs’ relatives 5 letters LICKS
Manipulator 4 letters USER
Do perfectly 4 letters NAIL
Eagle’s home 5 letters AERIE
Vodka serving 4 letters SHOT
Jungfrau or the Matterhorn 3 letters ALP
Boy band formed in 1995 5 letters NSYNC
Venomous viper 3 letters ASP
Enhance with henna say 3 letters DYE
Deposit in a vein 3 letters ORE
Where chicks chirp 8 letters BIRDNEST
*Mock 4 letters EASE
Ratatouille restaurant critic Anton 3 letters EGO
I ___ Be Sedated (song by the Ramones) 5 letters WANNA
*Privacy privet 4 letters EDGE
Wild horse 6 letters BRONCO
___-la-la! 3 letters OOH
Tropical vacation souvenir 3 letters TAN
Slugger’s scores: Abbr. 3 letters HRS
Mythical kingdom of gold 8 letters ELDORADO
Subway shove 6 letters JOSTLE
Elbow’s spot 3 letters ARM
Time of Taylor’s tour 3 letters ERA
Peon 7 letters LABORER
Finger pointer 7 letters ACCUSER
Warm up for a workout 7 letters STRETCH
Small country in the Pyrenees 7 letters ANDORRA
Person who swears by Das Kapital 7 letters MARXIST
Layer of paper or wood 3 letters PLY
Spa sound 3 letters AAH
Let’s shake on that! 8 letters ITSADEAL
Stick for a marshmallow 6 letters SKEWER
Neither Dem. nor Rep. 3 letters IND
Tissue tests 8 letters BIOPSIES
Deg. from Wharton 3 letters MBA
Kind of pad with scour power 3 letters SOS
Warhol’s soup can paintings and such 6 letters POPART
Baker’s meas. 3 letters TSP
Word before code or colony 5 letters PENAL
*Hawaiian porch 4 letters LANA
*Pirate ship feature 4 letters PLAN
Roast beef au ___ 3 letters JUS
Volcanic residue 3 letters ASH
Corp. bigwig 3 letters CEO
Skordalia or guacamole 3 letters DIP
Snivel or sob 3 letters CRY
Family 3 letters KIN
Fraction of a min. 3 letters SEC

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