Universal Crossword March 21 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword March 21 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword March 21 2024 Answers:

Microwaves 4 letters ZAPS
Taylor Swift’s ___ Song 3 letters OUR
Putting into service 5 letters USING
Carmen composer 5 letters BIZET
Grabbed a bite 3 letters ATE
Contest with roping 5 letters RODEO
Escape the clutches of 5 letters ELUDE
Hero’s undoing (In this answer note letters 6-3) 9 letters FATALFLAW
Pieces of food for a dog say 6 letters SCRAPS
Hyphenated juice brand 3 letters HIC
Seabird with a forked tail 4 letters TERN
Ho Hey band (… letters 6-3) 12 letters THELUMINEERS
Email nuisance 4 letters SPAM
Really enthusiastic 6 letters RAHRAH
Brewpub acronym 3 letters IPA
Tibetan Buddhist title 4 letters LAMA
Bird following a couple of ducks? 5 letters GOOSE
Eurasian invasions of the 13th and 14th centuries (… letters 7-4) 15 letters MONGOLCONQUESTS
VW Beetles e.g. 5 letters AUTOS
Annual presidential speech briefly 4 letters SOTU
Distress signal 3 letters SOS
Paprika’s dad on Blue’s Clues 6 letters MRSALT
Middle ___ (Oman’s region) 4 letters EAST
Sarcastic words of sympathy (… letters 4-1) 12 letters TOOBADFORYOU
Places to relax 4 letters SPAS
Fellows 3 letters MEN
Fast-food kitchen fixtures 6 letters FRYERS
Chills or a theme hint 9 letters KICKSBACK
Connects deeply 5 letters BONDS
Online sales 5 letters ETAIL
X in a sorority name 3 letters CHI
Word of admission? 5 letters ENTER
Beefy? 5 letters WHINY
Like chili usually 3 letters HOT
Salty drop 4 letters TEAR
Nothin’ 5 letters ZILCH
Sky blue 5 letters AZURE
Travels by foot in a way 6 letters PEDALS
Rise to the challenge 6 letters STEPUP
Klutz 3 letters OAF
Beehive State resident 5 letters UTAHN
Fix as loose laces 5 letters RETIE
Underlined address often 3 letters URL
Tap dance without the tap 8 letters SOFTSHOE
Waiting for a task 4 letters IDLE
Not far 4 letters NEAR
Vera Wang garment 4 letters GOWN
Optimal 4 letters BEST
Taiwanese laptop maker 4 letters ACER
Like potatoes that aren’t worth fretting over 5 letters SMALL
Apple desktops 5 letters IMACS
Spaghetti sauce brand 4 letters RAGU
Diana of the Supremes 4 letters ROSS
On the subject of 4 letters ASTO
Big name in little trucks 4 letters HESS
Islamic spiritual leader 4 letters IMAM
Empty bottles say 4 letters POUR
Six-legged insects 4 letters ANTS
(I’ve got milk!) 3 letters MOO
Paid for a poker hand 5 letters ANTED
Leather glove material 8 letters GOATSKIN
Setting for the 2021 Norwegian film The Worst Person in the World 4 letters OSLO
Hearty drink 5 letters QUAFF
Feature of the Great Pyramid 4 letters TOMB
Icy dessert 6 letters SORBET
You have to taste this! 6 letters TRYONE
My job … is just ___ (Ken) 5 letters BEACH
Large dried pepper 5 letters ANCHO
Meddlesome person 5 letters YENTA
Menu selection 5 letters ORDER
Letters from the Cold War 4 letters USSR
Distort 4 letters SKEW
Crux 4 letters PITH
Trisyllabic berry 4 letters ACAI
Sneaky 3 letters SLY
Set that you build 3 letters KIT

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