Universal Crossword March 19 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword March 19 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword March 19 2024 Answers:

Who? Me?! 3 letters MOI
Nobles two ranks below dukes 5 letters EARLS
Precursor to Windows 5 letters MSDOS
Incense stick residue 3 letters ASH
Approximately 5 letters ABOUT
Upscale Honda 5 letters ACURA
Letter after pi 3 letters RHO
This is not a test 11 letters RUBBERCHECK
Punch sound in comics 5 letters KAPOW
Big rig 4 letters SEMI
Otherwise 4 letters ELSE
Greek Cupid 4 letters EROS
Like 2023 but not 2024 3 letters ODD
This is not a joke 13 letters WATERCHESTNUT
Problem for an attention hog 3 letters EGO
Schitt’s Creek matriarch 5 letters MOIRA
Unit of chili hotness 5 letters ALARM
Toy brand discussed on Brickipedia 4 letters LEGO
Color of daikon and cauliflower 5 letters WHITE
Heaviest fencing sword 4 letters EPEE
Got behind the wheel 5 letters DROVE
Getting 100% on 5 letters ACING
Org. that busts narcotics rings 3 letters DEA
This is not a toy 13 letters DEBUTANTEBALL
Justice from ’93-’20 3 letters RBG
Caught on camera 4 letters SEEN
Carve with acid 4 letters ETCH
Delicate bralette trim 4 letters LACE
Off-the-wall 5 letters WACKY
This is not a game 11 letters SAFETYMATCH
Prefix with friendly or system 3 letters ECO
Love in Lombardy 5 letters AMORE
Listless feeling 5 letters ENNUI
Snug bug’s locale 3 letters RUG
Surprise victory 5 letters UPSET
The Serpent Queen channel 5 letters STARZ
Place for a full-body scrub 3 letters SPA
Con artist’s victim 4 letters MARK
Not safe for work grp.? 4 letters OSHA
My fingers are crossed … 10 letters IHOPETOGOD
Song that’s stuck in your head 7 letters EARWORM
Aladdin’s sidekick 3 letters ABU
Steals from 4 letters ROBS
Auto shop service involving oil 4 letters LUBE
Broccoli part 4 letters STEM
Big ___ (burger) 3 letters MAC
Put on the calendar 8 letters SCHEDULE
Contest that may start with walking 10 paces 4 letters DUEL
Foes of hobbits 4 letters ORCS
Sushi bar drink 4 letters SAKE
Absolute hoot 4 letters RIOT
Crater Lake’s locale: Abbr. 3 letters ORE
Garbage barge 4 letters SCOW
Evidence that can reopen a cold case 3 letters DNA
Join with a blowtorch 4 letters WELD
Word after New or golden 4 letters AGER
Pair of cymbals in a drum kit 5 letters HIHAT
Fear of Flying novelist Jong 5 letters ERICA
Ballet shoe fabric 5 letters SATIN
Performers making sounds with their feet 10 letters TAPDANCERS
Instagram video 4 letters REEL
Menu option? 4 letters MEAL
Arm waver’s cry 8 letters OVERHERE
Sinus docs 4 letters ENTS
Recede 3 letters EBB
Good golly! 7 letters GEEWHIZ
Like tacky Christmas sweaters 4 letters UGLY
Don’t ___ stranger! 3 letters BEA
Jacob’s twin 4 letters ESAU
Pack (down) 4 letters TAMP
$$$ execs 4 letters CFOS
Iowa State’s city 4 letters AMES
Sorry I’m busy 4 letters CANT
Volcano on Sicily’s east coast 4 letters ETNA
Single-serving coffee pod 4 letters KCUP
Class that’s a stretch for everyone? 4 letters YOGA
Vietnamese New Year 3 letters TET
Dog that aptly rhymes with grr 3 letters CUR

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