Universal Crossword March 18 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword March 18 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword March 18 2024 Answers:

Place mat’s place 5 letters TABLE
Backless seat 5 letters STOOL
Item once common in a glove compartment 3 letters MAP
Geometry calculations 5 letters AREAS
Michelle’s predecessor in the White House 5 letters LAURA
Yoko whose son is Sean Lennon 3 letters ONO
Adam Eve Cain Abel and Seth? 11 letters FIRSTFAMILY
Blasting letters 3 letters TNT
London gallery 4 letters TATE
What can be added to impress? 3 letters IVE
Top dogs 6 letters ALPHAS
The Persistence of Memory painter 4 letters DALI
Zzzzzzz 5 letters SNORE
PC key under Z 3 letters ALT
Venus? 11 letters SECONDWORLD
Use for a rendezvous 6 letters MEETAT
Court romantically 3 letters WOO
Sky’s color in France 4 letters BLEU
Cause of ruin 4 letters BANE
Barbecue site 3 letters PIT
Long long times 4 letters EONS
Fails to be 4 letters ISNT
A in Austria 3 letters EIN
Web discussion site 6 letters REDDIT
Ph.D.? 11 letters THIRDDEGREE
Most frequent letters in Sean Lennon 3 letters ENS
Agra attire 5 letters SARIS
Thousand ___ Calif. 4 letters OAKS
Care for a calico 6 letters CATSIT
Tampa Bay NFL player briefly 3 letters BUC
Stumble 4 letters TRIP
Indigo or violet 3 letters HUE
D? 11 letters FOURTHGRADE
Glass on the radio? 3 letters IRA
Student getting one-on-one help 5 letters TUTEE
Kind of box or saw 5 letters MITER
Popular cooking spray 3 letters PAM
Frets 5 letters STEWS
Bark to a dog trainer 5 letters SPEAK
Only chief justice who was a former president 4 letters TAFT
Diva’s delivery 4 letters ARIA
Ernie’s roommate 4 letters BERT
Did some light surgery? 5 letters LASED
C’___ la vie! 3 letters EST
Like Serbs and Croats 6 letters SLAVIC
Domesticate 4 letters TAME
French for yes 3 letters OUI
Magic place? 7 letters ORLANDO
Stayed out of sight 6 letters LAYLOW
Main vein 10 letters MOTHERLODE
The I of The King and I 4 letters ANNA
Flower holders 4 letters POTS
___ mignon 5 letters FILET
Dug into 6 letters PROBED
Words between cool and cucumber 3 letters ASA
Little brat 4 letters SNOT
Scope 5 letters AMBIT
Chow line? 5 letters LEASH
Group known for raising rackets? 10 letters TENNISTEAM
Needing to repay 5 letters OWING
First leader of the Soviet Union 5 letters LENIN
Prepares to look for fingerprints 5 letters DUSTS
Bright fish in aquariums 6 letters TETRAS
Bakery buys that rhyme with buys 4 letters PIES
Cut from a column maybe 7 letters EDITOUT
Arm span 5 letters REACH
A rat! 3 letters EEK
Piles formed by blizzards 6 letters DRIFTS
Mail carriers’ circuits 6 letters ROUTES
Bacon unit 5 letters STRIP
Vase defect 4 letters CHIP
Mystical glow 4 letters AURA
Beer or tea 4 letters BREW
Put on a scale 4 letters RATE
Brainstorming result 4 letters IDEA
Benefit such as paid time off 4 letters PERK
Arapaho foe 3 letters UTE
Baseball VIPs 3 letters GMS

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