Universal Crossword March 17 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword March 17 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword March 17 2024 Answers:

Poor me 4 letters ALAS
Fraud 4 letters SHAM
What disappointing news! 5 letters AWMAN
Lean 4 letters TILT
Yarn you can’t knit with 4 letters TALE
Fingers crossed 5 letters IHOPE
McDonald’s slogan 9 letters IMLOVINIT
Kind of lens for close-ups 5 letters MACRO
Meals delivered via curbside pickup e.g. 10 letters TOGOORDERS
Word after stretched or wore 4 letters THIN
Inventor Whitney 3 letters ELI
Inbox zero 8 letters NOEMAILS
Sensitive ID 3 letters SSN
Chief prosecutors for short 3 letters DAS
Installed as a carpet 4 letters LAID
Go ahead signals 4 letters NODS
1996 Demi Moore film based on a Carl Hiaasen novel 10 letters STRIPTEASE
Something working as it’s supposed to contrary to intuition 15 letters AFEATURENOTABUG
Time to leave! 10 letters PARTYSOVER
Like a three-hour movie 4 letters LONG
Played with as a dreidel 4 letters SPUN
The S of CST: Abbr. 3 letters STD
Letters before Enterprise or Constitution 3 letters USS
Super modern in a retro way 8 letters SPACEAGE
Poet’s frequently 3 letters OFT
Savior 4 letters HERO
They keep workers up at night 10 letters LATESHIFTS
Filmmaker Kurosawa 5 letters AKIRA
Afro-Jamaican religion 9 letters RASTAFARI
Tablets or teaspoons e.g. 5 letters DOSES
Minuscule amount 4 letters MITE
MBA program subject 4 letters ECON
What a pain in the keister! 5 letters YEESH
Serena ___ (tennis feat) 4 letters SLAM
Solidifies 4 letters SETS
Working hard 4 letters ATIT
Car with sideways-facing seats 4 letters LIMO
Like some bathrooms 9 letters ALLGENDER
Seat that might have three legs 5 letters STOOL
Use a mixing spoon 4 letters STIR
___-holding 4 letters HAND
Extraterrestrial 5 letters ALIEN
Routes shown on some transit maps 10 letters METROLINES
Axe-throwing skill 3 letters AIM
I’d be foolish NOT to buy this! 9 letters WHATADEAL
Chewy Japanese rice cake 5 letters MOCHI
Earth Day’s month 5 letters APRIL
Safety vest hues e.g. 5 letters NEONS
Invalidate 4 letters VOID
Cargo ship’s stop 7 letters SEAPORT
Catcher’s glove 4 letters MITT
Two-finger sound 4 letters SNAP
Seat seen in Sons of Anarchy? 4 letters SOFA
Unsurprisingly 7 letters ASUSUAL
Intimidates to get one’s way 10 letters STRONGARMS
Increasingly optional parts of college applications 9 letters SATSCORES
Make noise at a red light say 3 letters REV
Order leading to quick turnarounds? 9 letters ABOUTFACE
Phoenix hoops squad 4 letters SUNS
Some donated cells 4 letters EGGS
Category 4 letters TYPE
2022 FIFA World Cup’s city 4 letters DOHA
Disreputable 5 letters SHADY
Black tea variety 5 letters PEKOE
Crop up 5 letters ARISE
Digital counterpart to brick-and-mortar sales 5 letters ETAIL
Flutes in military bands 5 letters FIFES
Como ___ usted? 4 letters ESTA
Thorn locale 4 letters STEM
Gait faster than a walk 4 letters TROT
Deadly septet 4 letters SINS
Fireplace remnant 3 letters ASH

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