Universal Crossword March 14 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword March 14 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword March 14 2024 Answers:

Plead 3 letters BEG
Opposite of post- 3 letters PRE
Acting ensembles 5 letters CASTS
___ of these days … 3 letters ONE
Seydoux of No Time to Die 3 letters LEA
College athlete e.g. 6 letters NONPRO
Painting and sculpture expos say 8 letters ARTFAIRS
Toyota sedan discontinued in 2022 6 letters AVALON
Attire at some frat parties 5 letters TOGAS
Flat-bottomed vessel 5 letters BARGE
Hoppy beer for short 3 letters IPA
Prominent part of an aardvark 5 letters SNOUT
Sci-fi craft 3 letters UFO
Yelp user at times 5 letters RATER
___ Juarez (city south of El Paso) 6 letters CIUDAD
Feeling low 3 letters SAD
Public perception 6 letters OPTICS
Go it alone 8 letters RIDESOLO
Contented sound 3 letters AAH
Spartacus Oscar winner Peter 7 letters USTINOV
Amazing! 3 letters WOW
Frequent flyer’s reward 8 letters FREETRIP
McCartney’s songwriting partner 6 letters LENNON
French Mrs. 3 letters MME
Bakery-cafe chain 6 letters PANERA
Heir to the family fortune 5 letters SCION
Outrage 3 letters IRE
Certain rec centers 5 letters YMCAS
Young boy 3 letters LAD
Instant decaf brand 5 letters SANKA
Loud burp 5 letters BELCH
Make a minister 6 letters ORDAIN
More consistent 8 letters STEADIER
Confidently and courageously 6 letters BOLDLY
Destinations for ambulances: Abbr. 3 letters ERS
Seasonal illness 3 letters FLU
Toboggans e.g. 5 letters SLEDS
Born as 3 letters NEE
Groovy! 3 letters FAB
Sea vessels 5 letters BOATS
Former energy company in business ethics case studies 5 letters ENRON
Very beginning slangily 5 letters GETGO
*Picnic cutlery 15 letters PLASTICUTENSILS
Camping gear seller 3 letters REI
AirPod e.g. 6 letters EARBUD
*Leaves nothing to chance 15 letters COVERSEVERYBASE
Actress de Armas 3 letters ANA
With 32-Down shared equally … and a hint to a word hidden at the center of each starred clue’s answer 9 letters SPLITDOWN
Movie cliche 5 letters TROPE
Underwater navigation tool 5 letters SONAR
Pester 3 letters NAG
Dr. Anthony ___ prominent member of the coronavirus task force 5 letters FAUCI
*Places to see the big game? 11 letters SAFARIPARKS
French sculptor hidden in retro diner 5 letters RODIN
Remote batteries usually 3 letters AAS
Mikhail Gorbachev was its last leader: Abbr. 4 letters USSR
Lout 3 letters OAF
It’s between a birdie and a bogey 3 letters PAR
See 9-Down 9 letters THEMIDDLE
Hand (out) 4 letters DOLE
London lavatory 3 letters LOO
Possess 3 letters OWN
Easy basket 5 letters TIPIN
Angsty music genre 3 letters EMO
Nominated 5 letters NAMED
Tidy up 6 letters NEATEN
People who rarely tidy up 5 letters SLOBS
Holiday song 5 letters CAROL
Drop-off location? 5 letters CLIFF
Fast Amtrak train 5 letters ACELA
Hydrangea or azalea 5 letters SHRUB
___ questions? 3 letters ANY
Find a sum 3 letters ADD
Before poetically 3 letters ERE

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