Universal Crossword March 13 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword March 13 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword March 13 2024 Answers:

Holiday in 48-Down 3 letters TET
Get in the game 4 letters PLAY
___ and cheese 3 letters MAC
Actress Remini 4 letters LEAH
Classic German camera 5 letters LEICA
Campfire residue 3 letters ASH
80s lower-body workout video (Theme hint: Look at the starts of this answer and the one below it) 11 letters BUNSOFSTEEL
Long or Peeples 3 letters NIA
Tool that may be retractable 11 letters TAPEMEASURE
Service station offering 3 letters GAS
Tallies 4 letters SUMS
Advanced degree? 3 letters NTH
Man-to-man alternative 4 letters ZONE
___ be my pleasure! 3 letters ITD
Tapenade ingredient 5 letters OLIVE
Elton John’s instrument 5 letters PIANO
Seismic source 9 letters EPICENTER
Large coffee vessel 3 letters URN
Notorious former justice briefly 3 letters RBG
Documentarian Burns 3 letters KEN
Wine and dine say 3 letters WOO
Hammer out a deal 9 letters NEGOTIATE
Steakhouse option 5 letters TBONE
Italian luxury fashion house 5 letters FENDI
Aye aye ___! 3 letters SIR
Chopped contestant 4 letters CHEF
Hush-hush grp. 3 letters NSA
Shuffle or Nano 4 letters IPOD
Jet ___ 3 letters LAG
Further explanation in an article (… the ends of this answer and the one below it) 11 letters EDITORSNOTE
Even a bit of 3 letters ANY
Elongated sponge cake biscuits 11 letters LADYFINGERS
Tool dipped in a bucket 3 letters MOP
Highly capable 5 letters ADEPT
Prefix with pilot or correct 4 letters AUTO
Western Pa. airport code 3 letters PIT
Zap with a beam 4 letters LASE
Rental car extra briefly 3 letters GPS
Bedtime for some 5 letters TENPM
Enters slowly 7 letters EASESIN
Name hidden in not home 4 letters THOM
Place to purchase a parakeet 7 letters PETSHOP
In ___ of gifts … 4 letters LIEU
Big name in laptops 4 letters ACER
New Haven Ivy 4 letters YALE
Salsa fruit 5 letters MANGO
Japanese say 5 letters ASIAN
Wild-goose ___ 5 letters CHASE
Island cookout 4 letters LUAU
36-Across took it 4 letters LSAT
Butter K-pop band 3 letters BTS
Provide (for oneself) 4 letters FEND
Form of Buddhism 3 letters ZEN
Linzer ___ (Austrian dessert) 5 letters TORTE
Facebook action 4 letters LIKE
Diamonds in slang 3 letters ICE
Starbucks size or Italian for twenty 5 letters VENTI
It may not be intended 3 letters PUN
Angry state 3 letters IRE
Oscar-winning director Lee 3 letters ANG
Holy smokes! 4 letters EGAD
Terrible age 3 letters TWO
Many many moons 3 letters EON
Salmon eggs 3 letters ROE
TSA checkpoint container 3 letters BIN
On vacation 3 letters OFF
Antique photograph 7 letters TINTYPE
Raise 7 letters BRINGUP
Indian wrap 4 letters SARI
Gripping gadget 5 letters CLAMP
Vietnamese capital 5 letters HANOI
Tut’s territory 5 letters EGYPT
Cottony 4 letters SOFT
Angelou and Plath 5 letters POETS
Other in Oaxaca 4 letters OTRO
___ Moines 3 letters DES
New York-to-Tel Aviv option 4 letters ELAL
Pops to a toddler 4 letters DADA
Beware the ___ of March! 4 letters IDES
Unexpected glitch 4 letters SNAG

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