Universal Crossword March 12 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword March 12 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword March 12 2024 Answers:

Contribute to the mix 5 letters ADDIN
Bundle of hay 4 letters BALE
Fit together as a set of bowls 4 letters NEST
Sets on a rack after baking 5 letters COOLS
Grand in scale 4 letters EPIC
Lightbulb moment 4 letters IDEA
Chef’s response to kudos (In this answer note letters 4-7) 15 letters IMGLADYOULIKEIT
Morning moisture 3 letters DEW
Alley-___ 3 letters OOP
Smooths in a way 5 letters IRONS
Is wearing 5 letters HASON
October birthstone 4 letters OPAL
Sears catalog purchases e.g. (… letters 4-7) 10 letters MAILORDERS
Gateway ___ 4 letters ARCH
Some printers 6 letters EPSONS
Rapper whose name sounds refreshing 4 letters ICET
Contents of la mer 3 letters EAU
Stylishly dressed 5 letters NATTY
___ Miserables 3 letters LES
Wake-up sound 5 letters ALARM
www.thetrevorproject.org e.g. 3 letters URL
Purple berry 4 letters ACAI
Breakfast with oats 6 letters MUESLI
Part of a dance 4 letters STEP
Informal compliment (… letters 4-7) 10 letters LOOKINGOOD
Mysterious sky sightings 4 letters UFOS
76ers manager Brand 5 letters ELTON
Trial versions of software 5 letters BETAS
Punkie Johnson’s comedy show briefly 3 letters SNL
Duolingo for one 3 letters APP
Group with a harpsichord (… letters 5-9) 15 letters BAROQUEENSEMBLE
A likely story! 4 letters ASIF
Fury 4 letters RAGE
Chocolate-caramel candies 5 letters ROLOS
Great Barrier ___ 4 letters REEF
And others: Abbr. 4 letters ETAL
Skilled 5 letters ADEPT
Salt Fat ___ Heat 4 letters ACID
What may cover a rotunda 4 letters DOME
Ultrasonic canine training device 10 letters DOGWHISTLE
Sick 3 letters ILL
Cryptology org. 3 letters NSA
___ Burger (option for vegans) 6 letters BEYOND
Each 4 letters APOP
Simu who played a Ken in Barbie 3 letters LIU
Solar event 7 letters ECLIPSE
Tesla who invented the Tesla coil 6 letters NIKOLA
Genesis garden 4 letters EDEN
Tres y tres 4 letters SEIS
Pic on skin 3 letters TAT
Metaphorical opportunities 5 letters DOORS
Radio host Glass 3 letters IRA
Tons 4 letters ALOT
General Hospital actress Eddy 5 letters SONYA
Tolkien’s corrupted elves 4 letters ORCS
Lists of ice cream flavors e.g. 5 letters MENUS
Separate 5 letters APART
Letters preceding with a moo-moo here 5 letters EIEIO
Logical 10 letters REASONABLE
Monte ___ 5 letters CARLO
Muggy 5 letters HUMID
Mock 5 letters TAUNT
Vientiane’s country 4 letters LAOS
The ___ Movie (film set in Bricksburg) 4 letters LEGO
I know that it’s over / I don’t need your ___ (Taylor Swift) 7 letters CLOSURE
Pepper grinders 5 letters MILLS
Delay 6 letters PUTOFF
Pup’s boarding place 6 letters KENNEL
Helpful website section 3 letters FAQ
Two for binary 4 letters BASE
Great Lake around Presque Isle State Park 4 letters ERIE
Company that does what Nintendon’t 4 letters SEGA
(Kerplunk!) 4 letters PLOP
Bothersome insect 4 letters PEST
Cosmopolitan spot? 3 letters BAR
Mangia! 3 letters EAT
Period of history 3 letters ERA
Discord admin 3 letters MOD

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