Universal Crossword June 9 2024 Answers

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Universal Crossword June 9 2024 Answers:

Psychological tricks 9 letters MINDGAMES
Divide with a comb 4 letters PART
Espresso with hot water 9 letters AMERICANO
Mount where Moses received the Ten Commandments 5 letters SINAI
Shoe brand that inspired a 2023 film 9 letters AIRJORDAN
Contribute as to a 401(k) 5 letters PAYIN
___-Caps 3 letters SNO
Push or pull perhaps 4 letters VERB
Like a janitor’s key ring 6 letters JINGLY
Spice blend whose name is Arabic for head of the shop 11 letters RASELHANOUT
All-in-one printer option 4 letters SCAN
Unsavory 5 letters SEAMY
Nurse Jackie settings briefly 3 letters ERS
Hiding with up 6 letters HOLING
Moo ___ pork 3 letters SHU
HS junior’s exam 4 letters PSAT
U to chemists 7 letters URANIUM
Loss of linguistic ability 7 letters APHASIA
Workout units 4 letters REPS
Tree juice 3 letters SAP
Exclusively 6 letters SOLELY
Number of Carolina states 3 letters TWO
Topiary plant 5 letters SHRUB
Model Holliday 4 letters TESS
This is the best news ever! 11 letters IMSOEXCITED
Contemptuous smiles 6 letters SNEERS
With 33-Down co-author of The Communist Manifesto 4 letters KARL
Functioned as 3 letters WAS
Prefix with active 5 letters INTER
Way to access a rock venue? 9 letters MINESHAFT
Requiring lots of attention 5 letters NEEDY
Window shutter? 9 letters ESCAPEKEY
Messes up 4 letters ERRS
Is this a relationship or a situationship? 9 letters WHATAREWE
Goat sounds 4 letters MAAS
You sold me! 4 letters IMIN
Emperor tutored by Seneca 4 letters NERO
Nickname for Julius Erving 3 letters DRJ
John in Genoa 8 letters GIOVANNI
Wyoming has nearly 63 million of them 5 letters ACRES
Spanish mothers 6 letters MADRES
Clears the way for 7 letters ENABLES
___ of a gun! 3 letters SON
Instrument that Lady Gaga plays 5 letters PIANO
Do you have an idea? 10 letters ANYGUESSES
Abandoned train paths used by cyclists 10 letters RAILTRAILS
Small 4 letters TINY
Like echidnas and sea urchins 5 letters SPINY
Bottlenecks 6 letters JAMUPS
Drizzles or pours 5 letters RAINS
LOL 4 letters HAHA
Gloating victor 10 letters SOREWINNER
Audience response gauge 10 letters CLAPOMETER
Don’t leave me 4 letters STAY
Feeling betrayed say 4 letters HURT
Lays on the praise 6 letters GUSHES
Turned white 5 letters PALED
See 48-Across 4 letters MARX
Place for a traveler to get pampered 8 letters HOTELSPA
Whimsically mischievous 7 letters PUCKISH
My bad 5 letters SORRY
Pizza ___ (white pie) 6 letters BIANCA
They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were ___. 5 letters SEEDS
Biscuit for a dog 5 letters TREAT
Wavy function 4 letters SINE
Speedboat’s trail 4 letters WAKE
Just some 4 letters AFEW
Eyelid irritation 4 letters STYE
Kitten sound 3 letters MEW
2021 Song of the Year winner for I Can’t Breathe or a pronoun she uses 3 letters HER

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