Universal Crossword June 8 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword June 8 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword June 8 2024 Answers:

Fees paid by union members 4 letters DUES
Theater backdrops 4 letters SETS
Braves 5 letters FACES
I can relate slangily 4 letters ITME
___ Zor-El (birth name of Supergirl) 4 letters KARA
In the know 5 letters AWARE
Final matchup in many a playoff series 9 letters GAMESEVEN
Word never spoken in The Godfather surprisingly 5 letters MAFIA
Pointy items featured in Maori jewelry 10 letters SHARKTEETH
Hurl in modern lingo 4 letters YEET
Just a ___! 3 letters SEC
Major artery 5 letters AORTA
Web feed initials 3 letters RSS
Would it make a difference? 11 letters WHATSTHEUSE
___ girl! (Well done!) 4 letters ATTA
Tax pro 3 letters CPA
Fossil fuel freighter 6 letters COALER
There are lots of them! 4 letters CARS
Media mogul Winfrey 5 letters OPRAH
African country that anagrams to lima 4 letters MALI
Self-centeredness 6 letters EGOISM
Lookee here! 3 letters OHO
Fine pocket square material 4 letters SILK
Photography tool kept at arm’s length 11 letters SELFIESTICK
Wanders around the airport? 3 letters TSA
Swiss confectionery known for its truffles 5 letters LINDT
Olive product 3 letters OIL
Grp. with many Middle Eastern members 4 letters OPEC
Comment before an amusing anecdote 10 letters YOULLLAUGH
Olympic prize 5 letters MEDAL
Nice thinking! 9 letters GREATIDEA
Director Kurosawa 5 letters AKIRA
Winning ___ everything 4 letters ISNT
Lounge around 4 letters LOLL
Extend as a subscription 5 letters RENEW
___ in (gently acclimate) 4 letters EASE
Initial poker bet 4 letters ANTE
Archaeological sites 4 letters DIGS
The Beehive State 4 letters UTAH
Poor Things actress Stone 4 letters EMMA
Fortunetellers 5 letters SEERS
Genre for In Living Color and Key & Peele 12 letters SKETCHCOMEDY
Place for a bird’s nest 4 letters EAVE
Place for a bird’s nest 4 letters TREE
Some seasonal mall workers 6 letters SANTAS
Kin for short 3 letters FAM
Visiting squads at sports games 9 letters AWAYTEAMS
Drink whose name means coffee with milk 10 letters CAFEAULAIT
Toledo’s Great Lake 4 letters ERIE
Spot on a bus 4 letters SEAT
Distort 4 letters SKEW
Post-sledding drink maybe 12 letters HOTCHOCOLATE
Greek P 3 letters RHO
Triathlons and marathons 5 letters RACES
Phase 5 letters STAGE
Entered casually 10 letters STROLLEDIN
Smartphone download 3 letters APP
Psychic’s deck 5 letters TAROT
Opposite of buys 5 letters SELLS
American Fiction actress Alexander 5 letters ERIKA
Doesn’t mean a thing to me 9 letters ASIFICARE
Sushi tuna 3 letters AHI
Moral wrong 3 letters SIN
Cheap cigar 6 letters STOGIE
Bagpiper’s garb 4 letters KILT
Boxing champ Ali 5 letters LAILA
Congresswoman Ilhan 4 letters OMAR
Chinese toy dog informally 4 letters PEKE
Celestial bear 4 letters URSA
Camera attachment 4 letters LENS
Yaki ___ (noodle dish) 4 letters UDON
Hanukkah coins 4 letters GELT
In good health 4 letters HALE
Attorney’s field 3 letters LAW

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