Universal Crossword June 6 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword June 6 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword June 6 2024 Answers:

Neighbor of M on a keyboard 5 letters COMMA
Amino ___ 4 letters ACID
Guitarist’s accessory 4 letters PICK
Begin 5 letters START
Cat in Mexico 4 letters GATO
Tennis legend Arthur 4 letters ASHE
Something kept down in a library 10 letters NOISELEVEL
Kill it slangily 4 letters SLAY
Kyoto currency 3 letters YEN
Pale 3 letters WAN
Grumbles quietly 7 letters MUTTERS
Gucci rival 5 letters FENDI
Scot’s not 3 letters NAE
Cloud of superheated ash and gas following an eruption 13 letters VOLCANICPLUME
Cuisine similar to Cajun 6 letters CREOLE
Capital of Qatar 4 letters DOHA
Sun in Spanish 3 letters SOL
Round of applause 4 letters HAND
A looooong time 3 letters EON
Tropical tree 4 letters PALM
I love in Latin 3 letters AMO
Ballerina’s skirt 4 letters TUTU
Drawn-out attacks 6 letters SIEGES
Jim Croce single of 1973 (… first 2 letters + last 3) 13 letters TIMEINABOTTLE
Toss in 3 letters ADD
___ were the days! 5 letters THOSE
Spot for grilling? 7 letters HOTSEAT
Word after area or throw 3 letters RUG
Tofu source 3 letters SOY
Boo-boo 4 letters OWIE
What marinara and puttanesca sauce have in common (… first 3 letters + last 1) 10 letters TOMATOBASE
Instagram video 4 letters REEL
Award quartet: Abbr. 4 letters EGOT
Court pledges 5 letters OATHS
No ifs ___ or buts 4 letters ANDS
Beaver’s creations 4 letters DAMS
Atlanta WNBA team 5 letters DREAM
Folk-rock supergroup: Abbr. 4 letters CSNY
Central Plains tribe 4 letters OTOE
Primary 4 letters MAIN
Sra. in English 3 letters MRS
Had a healthy meal 7 letters ATEWELL
Meeting outline 6 letters AGENDA
Cleveland NBA player briefly 3 letters CAV
Romantic couple 4 letters ITEM
Grab a midday meal with a friend say 7 letters DOLUNCH
Like lavender or lilac 6 letters PASTEL
Bit of land in the ocean 4 letters ISLE
Scorch 4 letters CHAR
Custodian’s collection 4 letters KEYS
Joust weapon 5 letters LANCE
Spanish appetizer 4 letters TAPA
___ court (mall feature) 4 letters FOOD
Feeling uncertain 7 letters INDOUBT
Cobra’s toxin 5 letters VENOM
Charged particle 3 letters ION
Utility bill datum 5 letters USAGE
Whac-A-___ 4 letters MOLE
Stately trees 4 letters ELMS
Have a conversation 4 letters CHAT
Mr. Robot actor Malek 4 letters RAMI
GPS guess 3 letters ETA
One-named soccer legend 4 letters PELE
All alternative 4 letters TIDE
Lacking a time stamp 7 letters UNDATED
Dark beer 5 letters STOUT
Call after a field goal 7 letters ITSGOOD
Painter’s stands 6 letters EASELS
Darn it! 6 letters OHRATS
Jewish wedding dance 4 letters HORA
Zoolander actor Wilson 4 letters OWEN
Like an even score 4 letters TIED
Ancient Roman garment 4 letters TOGA
More than fill 4 letters SATE
Worker protection org. 4 letters OSHA
Quaint affirmative 4 letters YESM
May honoree 3 letters MOM
Happy hour locale 3 letters BAR

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