Universal Crossword June 5 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword June 5 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword June 5 2024 Answers:

Green 29-Across for short 4 letters GUAC
___ mater 4 letters ALMA
Casual attempt 4 letters STAB
Kendrick of A Simple Favor 4 letters ANNA
From the largest continent 5 letters ASIAN
Certain something 4 letters AURA
*Bluntly 10 letters POINTBLANK
Some diagnostic scans: Abbr. 4 letters MRIS
___ moment 3 letters AHA
Either of two Spice Girls 3 letters MEL
Luau strings briefly 4 letters UKES
Ph.D. student’s pay usually 7 letters STIPEND
Video game with straight square T L and skew pieces 6 letters TETRIS
Combustible heap 4 letters PYRE
Party bowlful 3 letters DIP
Ceylon and oolong 4 letters TEAS
Wall St. launch 3 letters IPO
Election participant 5 letters VOTER
Mandarin greeting 5 letters NIHAO
Bog 3 letters FEN
*Popular clique 7 letters INCROWD
Ad ___ (marketing) 3 letters BIZ
Concentrate 5 letters FOCUS
Forecast extremes 5 letters HIGHS
Te ___ (I love you in Spanish) 3 letters AMO
Gram e.g. 4 letters UNIT
Second sign of summer 3 letters LEO
Abbr. on an envelope 4 letters ATTN
Cicero famously 6 letters ORATOR
Ballerina’s slipper 7 letters TOESHOE
Chooses 4 letters OPTS
Granola bit 3 letters OAT
Trident-shaped Greek letter 3 letters PSI
Diluted 4 letters WEAK
*The forest as opposed to the trees 10 letters BIGPICTURE
Pennsylvania city at one end of I-79 4 letters ERIE
Parenthetical comment 5 letters ASIDE
My word! 4 letters ISAY
Beach castle material 4 letters SAND
Adroit 4 letters DEFT
Like good advice 4 letters SAGE
Space between teeth 3 letters GAP
Card game similar to Crazy Eights 3 letters UNO
Gimme ___! (start of an Iowa State cheer) 3 letters ANI
Fancy party appetizer 6 letters CANAPE
Communication syst. in CODA 3 letters ASL
Neeson of Taken 4 letters LIAM
Le Dejeuner sur l’Herbe painter 5 letters MANET
Piece of jewelry above a foot 6 letters ANKLET
Japanese warrior 7 letters SAMURAI
*Public facility in the Muslim world 11 letters TURKISHBATH
First sign of spring 5 letters ARIES
Low voice 4 letters BASS
Leave high and dry 7 letters ABANDON
Not just any 3 letters THE
Neaten (up) 5 letters SPIFF
Universal donor’s blood group 5 letters TYPEO
*Cold War boundary 11 letters IRONCURTAIN
Leave high and dry 5 letters DITCH
Watches over 5 letters TENDS
Danger 5 letters PERIL
Stop by 5 letters VISIT
Man of many words? 5 letters ROGET
We ___ please 5 letters AIMTO
Gas in an atmospheric layer 5 letters OZONE
Kind of cushion for a prank 7 letters WHOOPIE
Like questions that can’t be answered 7 letters UNASKED
Words before so sad 6 letters TOOBAD
Things being what they are … 6 letters ASITIS
Musical work whose villain is usually a 12-Down 5 letters OPERA
Bring up 5 letters RAISE
Get me out of here! key 3 letters ESC
Is in debt 4 letters OWES
End-of-the-week exclamation 4 letters TGIF
Summer hrs. in Seattle 3 letters PDT
Home of Minn. and Tenn. 3 letters USA
Disreputable paper 3 letters RAG
Asset for an interior designer 3 letters EYE

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