Universal Crossword June 4 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword June 4 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword June 4 2024 Answers:

Collect 5 letters AMASS
Stole material? 3 letters FUR
Former labor secretary Elaine 4 letters CHAO
Criticize severely 6 letters SCATHE
Suni Lee’s Olympic team 3 letters USA
How nice guys finish it’s said 4 letters LAST
Orion for one 6 letters HUNTER
Surface calculation 4 letters AREA
Best Picture of 2012 4 letters ARGO
British Olympian ___ the Eagle 5 letters EDDIE
I’m freezing! 3 letters BRR
Shades of color 4 letters HUES
Inflatable pilot in Airplane! 4 letters OTTO
U or I 5 letters VOWEL
Deets 4 letters INFO
Barbecue joint specialty 4 letters RIBS
Glasgow native 4 letters SCOT
Roles metaphorically 4 letters HATS
Photo-sharing app 5 letters INSTA
Pancake served with sambar 4 letters DOSA
Drains of energy 4 letters SAPS
Place to grab school lunch casually 3 letters CAF
West Side Story role for Chita and Rita 5 letters ANITA
Happy tune 4 letters LILT
Really regretted 4 letters RUED
Game that inspired this puzzle 8 letters SCRABBLE
Made less wordy maybe 6 letters EDITED
What happened next?! 4 letters THEN
___ Brother 3 letters BIG
With nuances 6 letters SUBTLY
Covers with grass 4 letters SODS
Top suit 3 letters CEO
Oakland team familiarly 5 letters THEAS
Division of Honda 5 letters ACURA
Impressionist Edouard 5 letters MANET
Strongly connected with 10 letters ATTACHEDTO
All That ___ Wants (Ace of Base song) 3 letters SHE
Mexican wrap 6 letters SERAPE
Kingdom with mushrooms and yeast 5 letters FUNGI
Apply to 5 letters USEON
Snitch 3 letters RAT
Clump of dirt 4 letters CLOD
Readies for dyeing as Easter eggs 9 letters HARDBOILS
Up and out of bed 5 letters ASTIR
Catchall survey option 5 letters OTHER
Decorative pillowcase 4 letters SHAM
Toward sunset 4 letters WEST
Bilingual Muppet 6 letters ROSITA
The Handmaid’s Tale streamer 4 letters HULU
Animated character 4 letters TOON
Produce a record? 10 letters TRANSCRIBE
They’re second in command: Abbr. 3 letters VPS
Tolkien beast 3 letters ORC
Like some pizza ovens 9 letters WOODFIRED
Little quibble 3 letters NIT
Natural history museum relic 6 letters FOSSIL
Slowly ___ surely 3 letters BUT
Poseidon’s realm 3 letters SEA
Blacken on the grill 4 letters CHAR
Red carpet walkers 4 letters VIPS
Wound cover 4 letters SCAB
Confirm to be true 6 letters ATTEST
Groups of actors 5 letters CASTS
Dried poblano pepper 5 letters ANCHO
Burn singer Goulding 5 letters ELLIE
San ___ (American city near Tijuana) 5 letters DIEGO
Get ___ here! 5 letters OUTTA
Fishing line holders 5 letters REELS
Swirling current 4 letters EDDY
Shades from the sun? 4 letters TANS
Doctor Who network 3 letters BBC
Well obviously! 3 letters DUH

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