Universal Crossword June 29 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword June 29 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword June 29 2024 Answers:

Like the sound of a trumpet 6 letters BRASSY
Gaping mouths 4 letters MAWS
Admit (to) 3 letters COP
Birds in a Christmas carol 11 letters TURTLEDOVES
French affirmative 3 letters OUI
Seems like you and I have crossed paths for a second time 11 letters WEMEETAGAIN
Everest or Denali: Abbr. 3 letters MTN
Like one’s hands after a long written exam maybe 4 letters SORE
Organ inside a cage 4 letters LUNG
Classroom fixture 4 letters DESK
Shopping in order to lift one’s spirits 13 letters RETAILTHERAPY
Ref. book whose 2023 word of the year was rizz 3 letters OED
Popeye for one 6 letters SAILOR
In favor of 3 letters FOR
Covered stadiums 5 letters DOMES
Energy-healing discipline 5 letters REIKI
Fictional captain of the Pequod 4 letters AHAB
Tell me! 5 letters SAYIT
Reindeer in Frozen 4 letters SVEN
Apple product? 5 letters CIDER
Point of connection 5 letters NEXUS
HS class with essay assignments 3 letters ENG
Submitted taxes online 6 letters EFILED
School ___ 3 letters BUS
Baby garment that provides (nearly) full coverage 13 letters FOOTIEPAJAMAS
Storylines’ shapes 4 letters ARCS
Living room fixture 4 letters SOFA
Preschool basics 4 letters ABCS
Film FX in Jurassic Park 3 letters CGI
They’re twisted in some drinks 11 letters SILLYSTRAWS
Wee one 3 letters TOT
Chart that might have a big X on it 11 letters TREASUREMAP
Messy room 3 letters STY
For fear that 4 letters LEST
Elapse 6 letters PASSBY
Texter’s I wanted to mention … 3 letters BTW
Regrets 4 letters RUES
Knight’s protective gear 5 letters ARMOR
Sound system 6 letters STEREO
Came down as freezing rain 7 letters SLEETED
Ghost of Christmas ___ to Come (Dickens character) 3 letters YET
Tycoon 5 letters MOGUL
___-garde 5 letters AVANT
Evaluates as options 6 letters WEIGHS
Tax ID 3 letters SSN
Fill up with excitement and energy 9 letters COMEALIVE
Vocal 9 letters OUTSPOKEN
Small digital loop? 9 letters PINKYRING
Surrealist painter Salvador 4 letters DALI
Towels off 5 letters DRIES
Commotions 4 letters ADOS
Place for an AirPod 3 letters EAR
Accept the truth 9 letters FACEFACTS
Oops slipped my mind … 9 letters OHIFORGOT
Big Apple entertainment venue nicknamed the Showplace of the Nation informally 9 letters RADIOCITY
Jeez! 3 letters MAN
Cyclops feature 3 letters EYE
Musical about the many wives of Henry VIII 3 letters SIX
Alternatives to suspenders 5 letters BELTS
Baritone’s larger cousin 4 letters TUBA
Outdoor gear retailer 3 letters REI
Indonesian island known for coffee 7 letters SUMATRA
Strong urge 6 letters DESIRE
Buffalo hockey team 6 letters SABRES
Fishing rods e.g. 5 letters POLES
G-sharp equivalent 5 letters AFLAT
Some blue birds 4 letters JAYS
Con jobs 5 letters SCAMS
DNA sample collector 4 letters SWAB
Cardinals on a scoreboard 3 letters STL
Yo 3 letters SUP
Intel collector 3 letters SPY

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