Universal Crossword June 27 2024 Answers

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Universal Crossword June 27 2024 Answers:

Ease as fears 5 letters ALLAY
Irk 3 letters VEX
Donated 4 letters GAVE
I’ve heard enough 9 letters SAYNOMORE
Uncorks maybe 5 letters OPENS
Imaginary instrument you might pick to play 9 letters AIRGUITAR
Bring about 5 letters BEGET
Sweet nutty confection 7 letters PRALINE
How you might eat a bug 7 letters ONADARE
Conclude 3 letters END
Beasts of burden 4 letters OXEN
Stat! 3 letters NOW
Calves grow into them 4 letters COWS
Love on the Brain singer to fans 3 letters RIH
Bend out of shape 4 letters WARP
Q&A on Reddit 3 letters AMA
Minute parts briefly 4 letters SECS
Slimy creatures 6 letters SNAILS
Education activist and Nobel laureate who said We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back 15 letters MALALAYOUSAFZAI
Stamper’s need 6 letters INKPAD
Darn! 4 letters RATS
Zag’s partner 3 letters ZIG
Control as frizzy hair 4 letters TAME
V for Vendetta actor Stephen 3 letters REA
Hiking trail 4 letters PATH
German for Darn! 3 letters ACH
Speak up? 4 letters PRAY
Airport safety org. 3 letters TSA
Bruce Springsteen to fans 7 letters THEBOSS
Minjiang vis-a-vis Sichuanese 7 letters DIALECT
Mother in Mexico 5 letters MADRE
Cafe beverage made with a light purple root vegetable 9 letters TAROLATTE
Oatmeal ___ (dark beer variety) 5 letters STOUT
Up to you 9 letters IDONTCARE
Some NCOs 4 letters SGTS
Best ___ Solo Performance (Grammy category) 3 letters RAP
Shouts 5 letters YELLS
Stat! 4 letters ASAP
Villain’s den 4 letters LAIR
Harp-shaped constellation 4 letters LYRA
Acute or obtuse measurements 6 letters ANGLES
Wanna join? 5 letters YOUIN
Election Day action 4 letters VOTE
Time span 3 letters ERA
Copy … or a copier company 5 letters XEROX
Totally flip out 9 letters GOBANANAS
Copied 4 letters APED
Pie with plant-based pepperoni perhaps 10 letters VEGANPIZZA
January in Spanish 5 letters ENERO
They might know what you’re thinking 11 letters MINDREADERS
Nihari or ragout 4 letters STEW
Current events broadcaster 11 letters NEWSSTATION
Oops my bad! 7 letters OHSORRY
Top with spaghetti straps informally 4 letters CAMI
Neighbor of Yemen 4 letters OMAN
Yo-yo trick in which the string is a leash 10 letters WALKTHEDOG
Like sleet 3 letters ICY
U.K. military flyers 3 letters RAF
Some spoken word performers 9 letters SLAMPOETS
Cafe au ___ (coffee and milk) 4 letters LAIT
(Face Exhaling emoji) 4 letters SIGH
Org. concerned with mental health 3 letters APA
Burj Khalifa’s land: Abbr. 3 letters UAE
Royal residence 6 letters PALACE
$$$ dispensers 4 letters ATMS
Casual talks 5 letters CHATS
Filled with activity 5 letters ASTIR
Like someone who’s annoyed and feeling bitter 5 letters SALTY
Very dry as champagne 4 letters BRUT
Beat ___ (climactic moment in an electronic dance song) 4 letters DROP
And others: Abbr. 4 letters ETAL
Lower-left PC key 4 letters CTRL
Golf ball supports 4 letters TEES
Civil rights law of 1990 for short 3 letters ADA

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