Universal Crossword June 26 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword June 26 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword June 26 2024 Answers:

Fills with wonder 4 letters AWES
___-P (PC’s paste command) 4 letters CTRL
Beloved tunes 4 letters JAMS
Vocal variation in speech 4 letters LILT
Cheerful greeting 4 letters HIYA
Out of patience 5 letters FEDUP
You betcha 9 letters OKEYDOKEY
Confuse 5 letters ADDLE
Field of study for an aspiring painter 8 letters FINEARTS
Was apt for 6 letters SUITED
Org. operating body scanners 3 letters TSA
Southeast Asian cuisine with larb 3 letters LAO
Mag offering style advice 5 letters COSMO
Facial feature that may appear at breakfast 12 letters MILKMUSTACHE
Larvas eventually 5 letters PUPAS
Pop singer Rita 3 letters ORA
___ paneer (Indian spinach dish) 4 letters SAAG
Move slightly 4 letters STIR
Agreed (with) 5 letters SIDED
Course with a lecture on sin? 4 letters TRIG
Garment worn with a choli 4 letters SARI
People to whom Pikes Peak is sacred 3 letters UTE
Give another shot 5 letters RETRY
I just know you’ll love this 12 letters THANKMELATER
1000 on a submarine 5 letters TENAM
Important 3 letters BIG
Nursing ___ 3 letters BRA
Language that gave us whiskey 6 letters GAELIC
Toy moved with the hips 8 letters HULAHOOP
Cry in paintball 5 letters IMHIT
Wide vessel used in Spanish cooking 9 letters PAELLAPAN
Toronto NHL team for short 5 letters LEAFS
You may need a boat to get to it 4 letters ISLE
Ascend 4 letters RISE
Pot starter 4 letters ANTE
Norse god of thunder 4 letters THOR
Jazz singer James 4 letters ETTA
Up in the air 5 letters ALOFT
Crowdsourced websites 5 letters WIKIS
My Brilliant Friend novelist Ferrante 5 letters ELENA
Eyelid affliction 4 letters STYE
Like some gospel music 6 letters CHORAL
Popular video app 6 letters TIKTOK
Some loaves or whiskeys 4 letters RYES
Not ordained 3 letters LAY
Luke Skywalker e.g. 10 letters JEDIMASTER
Online shopping button 9 letters ADDTOCART
Backless shoe 4 letters MULE
Hurried 4 letters SPED
He made a deal with the devil 5 letters FAUST
Works by a Spanish surrealist 5 letters DALIS
What a shame 5 letters SOSAD
Biomedical researcher’s goal 4 letters CURE
Sharks corals etc. 10 letters MARINELIFE
Clothes-minded person? 5 letters MODEL
It has a root … or can be found on a root 4 letters HAIR
Like quiche 4 letters EGGY
Wordless attention-getter 4 letters PSST
Zion National Park’s state 4 letters UTAH
Costume accessory that may go with an eye patch 9 letters PIRATEHAT
Poison ___ (plant) 5 letters SUMAC
Couple in tabloid-speak 4 letters ITEM
Majestic 5 letters REGAL
Makes a scarf say 5 letters KNITS
Padre de la madre por ejemplo 6 letters ABUELO
Rudder control 6 letters TILLER
Handheld game of quick reflexes 5 letters BOPIT
Cook in the oven 5 letters ROAST
Disorder causing poor sleep 5 letters APNEA
___ monster (lizard) 4 letters GILA
Well said! 4 letters AMEN
___ browns (potato dish) 4 letters HASH
Fabled race loser 4 letters HARE
Orchestra’s place 3 letters PIT

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