Universal Crossword June 25 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword June 25 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword June 25 2024 Answers:

Australian gems 5 letters OPALS
Opposite of bought 4 letters SOLD
Trident-shaped Greek letter 3 letters PSI
Gold or silver 5 letters METAL
They/___ pronouns 4 letters THEM
Completely focused 4 letters RAPT
Thanksgiving vessels with spouts 10 letters GRAVYBOATS
Fearless and Lover e.g. for Taylor Swift 4 letters ERAS
Science Friday host Flatow 3 letters IRA
Charged particles 4 letters IONS
Contest submission 5 letters ENTRY
Killers of the Flower Moon star nominated for the best actress Oscar 13 letters LILYGLADSTONE
Puffin cousins 4 letters AUKS
Not just my 3 letters OUR
Pilot’s landing guess briefly 3 letters ETA
Musical speeds 5 letters TEMPI
Cubes in Wingspan and Monopoly 4 letters DICE
Crater’s edge 3 letters RIM
Frolic 4 letters ROMP
___ Vader 5 letters DARTH
One of two on a Bactrian camel 4 letters HUMP
It opens with a tap 3 letters APP
Ending for pass- or port- 4 letters ABLE
Slack-jawed 5 letters AGAPE
___ on 51-Across (hoops analysis program) 3 letters NBA
Spice Girl C or B 3 letters MEL
Iowa home of the Cyclones 4 letters AMES
What you might put on when you get home 13 letters INSIDECLOTHES
Tasteless 5 letters BLAND
Modern-day carpe diem 4 letters YOLO
TV channel that’s also an explosive 3 letters TNT
Actor Alan of Ray Donovan 4 letters ALDA
Oceanographers use them to measure depth 10 letters SOUNDWAVES
Big jump 4 letters LEAP
Double Dutch need 4 letters ROPE
Marketplace where drachmas were spent 5 letters AGORA
They work with RNs 3 letters MDS
Gush out 4 letters SPEW
No Strings Attached boy band 5 letters NSYNC
Texter’s !!! 3 letters OMG
Grave danger 5 letters PERIL
Maker of the 2600 game console 5 letters ATARI
Novelty light with bubbles 8 letters LAVALAMP
Sneaky 3 letters SLY
Counter seats 6 letters STOOLS
___ means family (Lilo & Stitch quote) 5 letters OHANA
I’m in if you are! 8 letters LETSDOIT
My ___ are open 3 letters DMS
Form a duo 9 letters PARTNERUP
Break stuff? 9 letters SPARETIME
Teeny 4 letters ITSY
Nevada city 4 letters RENO
Cute name for a toddler’s post-crib sleeping spot 9 letters BIGKIDBED
Raison d’___ 4 letters ETRE
Exactly 3 letters YUP
This is exactly what I’m feeling! 9 letters SUCHAMOOD
Electric ukulele hookup 3 letters AMP
Credited as a leading star 9 letters TOPBILLED
Stuffed street foods that may be served with chimichurri 9 letters EMPANADAS
Dad on Black-ish 3 letters DRE
Did a 5K say 3 letters RAN
Pass up? 8 letters ALLEYOOP
Symbols before ootd tbt and 50-Across on social media 8 letters HASHTAGS
In the thick of 4 letters AMID
___ a move on! 3 letters GET
Totally original 6 letters ALLNEW
Lose your cool 4 letters SNAP
Sporty car model 5 letters COUPE
Embassy representative 5 letters ENVOY
Sailor’s rear end? 5 letters STERN
Lip product 4 letters BALM
Sophs. in two years 3 letters SRS
Pale 3 letters WAN
Cul-de-___ 3 letters SAC

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