Universal Crossword June 23 2024 Answers

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Universal Crossword June 23 2024 Answers:

Collages made for artistic inspiration 10 letters MOODBOARDS
Adele’s vocal range 4 letters ALTO
Year-round site for water aerobics 10 letters INDOORPOOL
Like meat that’s low in fat 4 letters LEAN
Had no peers 10 letters STOODALONE
___ never work! 4 letters ITLL
Fringe actress Anna 4 letters TORV
Coast Guard boat 6 letters CUTTER
Where stars are seen 3 letters SKY
Pitches successfully 5 letters SELLS
Steers clear of 6 letters AVOIDS
Eggs on top of a chirashi bowl 3 letters ROE
Desserts with cookie crusts 8 letters OREOPIES
Horror director Craven 3 letters WES
Putting to work 5 letters USING
___ Carta 5 letters MAGNA
Spots to stay the night 4 letters INNS
East Lansing sch. 3 letters MSU
Casino chip e.g. 4 letters DISK
Highlighter shades 5 letters NEONS
Just has to have 5 letters NEEDS
Maiden name indicator 3 letters NEE
Elementary character 8 letters DRWATSON
Dressing ingredient 3 letters OIL
Watch in disbelief 6 letters GAPEAT
Delicate flower that blooms out of mud 5 letters LOTUS
Ob-___ 3 letters GYN
Finished second 6 letters PLACED
Fawn’s father 4 letters STAG
Waffle brand with a Cinnamon Toast flavor 4 letters EGGO
Cardi B or Zoe Saldana 10 letters AFROLATINA
Thin plant 4 letters REED
Fight night highlights 10 letters MAINEVENTS
Cosmopolitan alternative 4 letters ELLE
What helps a bettor bet better 10 letters INSIDERTIP
Spray bottle output 4 letters MIST
You might be ___ something 4 letters ONTO
Durian stall smells 5 letters ODORS
Second try 6 letters DOOVER
Physique for short 3 letters BOD
Forward thinkers? 7 letters ORACLES
Outstanding grade 5 letters APLUS
Daikon taro or beet 4 letters ROOT
Because I said so! 9 letters DONTARGUE
Record holder 6 letters SLEEVE
Beef comedian Wong 3 letters ALI
Time to enjoy our food! 9 letters LETSDIGIN
Speak reasonably 9 letters TALKSENSE
Nothing but 4 letters ONLY
Dollhouse part 4 letters ROOM
Baseball great Gehrig 3 letters LOU
Tablet that debuted in 2010 4 letters IPAD
Japanese hot springs and an anagram of 40-Across 5 letters ONSEN
Drink with sashimi 4 letters SAKE
Natural leaf blower 4 letters WIND
Goo for runners 9 letters ENERGYGEL
What a lying kid makes? 9 letters SNOWANGEL
Hater’s words 9 letters IMNOTAFAN
Digital sound? 4 letters SNAP
Part of a process 4 letters STEP
Drew aimlessly 7 letters DOODLED
Ride the bench 3 letters SIT
Spicy meat in a muffuletta 6 letters SALAMI
Taffeta’s shine 6 letters LUSTER
Tea of Spanglish 5 letters LEONI
Period on a job 5 letters STINT
Chicago star Richard 4 letters GERE
Football analyst Collinsworth 4 letters CRIS
Not pro- 4 letters ANTI
Sound of shock 4 letters GASP
Poem of praise 3 letters ODE
___ Maria 3 letters AVE

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