Universal Crossword June 2 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword June 2 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword June 2 2024 Answers:

Mule’s father 3 letters ASS
Marry 3 letters WED
Utah resort off-limits to snowboarders 4 letters ALTA
A deer a female deer 3 letters DOE
Cyclist Jonas Vingegaard and others 5 letters DANES
2024 for one 4 letters YEAR
That’s too complicated to explain 15 letters YOUWOULDNTGETIT
___ Arbor Michigan 3 letters ANN
Second chance 4 letters REDO
… ish 4 letters ORSO
Fictional town at the center of Cars movies 15 letters RADIATORSPRINGS
Part of the spine 4 letters DISC
Certain sib 3 letters SIS
Give off a rancid odor 4 letters REEK
Novelist Min Jin ___ 3 letters LEE
Hairy Himalayan hominids 5 letters YETIS
___ Lanka 3 letters SRI
I have no other option here 15 letters SOITSCOMETOTHIS
Olympic code for Islamabad’s country 3 letters PAK
Definitely! 5 letters OHYES
Sheepish cry? 3 letters BAA
Vous ___ ici (You are here in French) 4 letters ETES
Ages and ages 3 letters EON
Italian goodbye 4 letters CIAO
Makes a monumental impact 15 letters CHANGESTHEWORLD
Nah 4 letters PASS
Bird symbolizing peace 4 letters DOVE
One of two for Lily in Modern Family 3 letters DAD
Change.org postings 15 letters ONLINEPETITIONS
Genuine 4 letters REAL
Buy time 5 letters STALL
Conflict that started in 1914 for short 3 letters WWI
Pros and ___ 4 letters CONS
Gold-medal gymnast Raisman 3 letters ALY
Turn-___ (arousing things) 3 letters ONS
God in Hebrew 6 letters ADONAI
Works for me! 15 letters SOUNDSLIKEAPLAN
Use a needle and thread 3 letters SEW
Picture book character known as Wally in the U.K. 5 letters WALDO
Revenue source for an influencer 15 letters ENDORSEMENTDEAL
Lion’s lair 3 letters DEN
Yes captain 6 letters AYESIR
Release inhibitions 15 letters LETONESHAIRDOWN
___ chi 3 letters TAI
Wherefore ___ thou Romeo? 3 letters ART
Song for two 4 letters DUET
Puts an end to something 7 letters STOPSIT
One of 109.4 in a 100-meter race 4 letters YARD
Singer Rita 3 letters ORA
(Go away you scary mailman!) 3 letters GRR
Rapper whose name sounds like a beverage 4 letters ICET
Surfing destinations? 5 letters SITES
Ginger Spice’s first name 4 letters GERI
Patronizes 7-Across 4 letters SKIS
Spanish word hidden in the Southwest 3 letters ESO
Fluctuates wildly 5 letters YOYOS
Cry loudly 3 letters SOB
Architect’s detail briefly 4 letters SPEC
Solemn vow 4 letters OATH
Feta gouda brie etc. 7 letters CHEESES
One may be prepared al pastor 4 letters TACO
Creatures with eyestalks 6 letters SNAILS
Ironic singer Morissette 6 letters ALANIS
What are the ___?! 4 letters ODDS
Channel with Family Feud reruns 3 letters GSN
___ contested 5 letters HOTLY
Like supervillains 4 letters EVIL
Like clothes after washing 3 letters WET
Goblin relative 3 letters ORC
The Matrix protagonist 3 letters NEO
School org. 3 letters PTA
___ Jima 3 letters IWO

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