Universal Crossword June 18 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword June 18 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword June 18 2024 Answers:

Catch pop flies 4 letters SHAG
Ad ___ (2019 sci-fi film) 5 letters ASTRA
Poetry event 4 letters SLAM
Peel with a knife 4 letters PARE
Post-injury program 5 letters REHAB
Sandal brand 4 letters TEVA
Lyft rival 4 letters UBER
Every water molecule has one 10 letters OXYGENATOM
Render defenseless 6 letters DISARM
Southeast Asian home of the Petronas Twin Towers 8 letters MALAYSIA
Period that ended with the advent of metalworking 8 letters STONEAGE
Metal to pan for 4 letters GOLD
Assuming that’s true … 4 letters IFSO
Extremely small: Prefix 4 letters NANO
Caesar’s response to betrayal 4 letters ETTU
Instant noodles often 5 letters RAMEN
Muesli morsel 3 letters OAT
Wedding proposals? 15 letters CHAMPAGNETOASTS
___ the fields we go … 3 letters OER
Rumor has it … 5 letters IHEAR
Sound from a nest 4 letters PEEP
Cheers for a torero 4 letters OLES
Use a cleaver 4 letters CHOP
Musical connector 4 letters SLUR
Game in which players fail to make contact? 8 letters PHONETAG
Secured in the water 8 letters ATANCHOR
Pass on as a joke 6 letters RETELL
Channel with The Incredible Dr. Pol and a hint to the circled letters 10 letters NATGEOWILD
Fascinated by 4 letters INTO
Ending of The Bachelor? 4 letters ETTE
Mountaineer’s spot to rest 5 letters LEDGE
Small digits 4 letters TOES
Garden annoyance 4 letters WEED
Any bright ___? 5 letters IDEAS
Adds salt instead of sugar perhaps 4 letters ERRS
Taters 5 letters SPUDS
Sister’s outfit? 5 letters HABIT
Response to Am not! 5 letters ARESO
Flower also known as cranesbill 8 letters GERANIUM
Pleasant scents 6 letters AROMAS
On the Basis of ___ (RBG documentary) 3 letters SEX
Herbes de Provence component 5 letters THYME
Indian musical pattern 4 letters RAGA
Cain’s brother 4 letters ABEL
Continue at your job 6 letters STAYON
Finally has some fun 9 letters LETSLOOSE
Steer clear of 5 letters AVOID
Bear whose bed was too soft 4 letters MAMA
Japanese city whose hot springs draw snow monkeys 6 letters NAGANO
Court judge? 3 letters REF
Small canyon 5 letters GORGE
Divider in tennis 3 letters NET
___ mode (mpg-maximizing setting) 3 letters ECO
Most common English word 3 letters THE
Frothy purple drink 9 letters TAROLATTE
Oscar nominee de Armas 3 letters ANA
___ table (concert souvenir spot) 5 letters MERCH
Had a hero perhaps? 3 letters ATE
Baking soda measure: Abbr. 3 letters TSP
Puncture 6 letters PIERCE
Sounds of relief 3 letters AHS
Hunger 8 letters APPETITE
Made a thrust forward 6 letters LUNGED
Large groups as of zombies 6 letters HORDES
Number of players in solitaire 3 letters ONE
Minnesota or Missouri 5 letters STATE
Group of lions 5 letters PRIDE
Barbershop quartet member 5 letters TENOR
Modify 5 letters ALTER
Shine for the lips 5 letters GLOSS
From the top 4 letters ANEW
Festival of colors 4 letters HOLI
Was behind on bills 4 letters OWED
Hub near JFK 3 letters LGA

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