Universal Crossword June 17 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword June 17 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword June 17 2024 Answers:

Modeling material 4 letters CLAY
Border on 4 letters ABUT
Rides the rapids 5 letters RAFTS
Hindu hero 4 letters RAMA
Hill with a flat top 4 letters MESA
George who wrote Silas Marner 5 letters ELIOT
Finished 4 letters OVER
Jeopardy! legend Trebek 4 letters ALEX
Harbor protector 5 letters JETTY
Former hospital volunteer gig for comedian John? 12 letters CANDYSTRIPER
Scouring pad brand 3 letters SOS
Part players 6 letters ACTORS
Give a lecture 5 letters SPEAK
Former baseball infield gig for comedian Martin? 9 letters SHORTSTOP
Argentina neighbor 5 letters CHILE
Wine holder 4 letters CASK
Boot tip 3 letters TOE
Review using stars 4 letters RATE
Author Jong 5 letters ERICA
Metallic material 4 letters LAME
Kinda sorta 3 letters ISH
In ___ land (daydreaming) 4 letters LALA
Hemmed a skirt say 5 letters SEWED
Former apiarian gig for comedian Samantha? 9 letters BEEKEEPER
Bumpy amphibians 5 letters TOADS
Making a mistake 6 letters ERRING
Baseball player’s topper 3 letters CAP
Former fortunetelling gig for comedian Billy? 12 letters CRYSTALGAZER
Lively Bohemian dance 5 letters POLKA
Blubbery predator 4 letters ORCA
Decorate again 4 letters REDO
Win every game of a series 5 letters SWEEP
Wriggler for a robin 4 letters WORM
Dull-colored 4 letters DRAB
Like a noble gas 5 letters INERT
Dance segment 4 letters STEP
Vague quantity 4 letters SOME
Swamp snapper for short 4 letters CROC
Volcanic output 4 letters LAVA
Prayer ender 4 letters AMEN
Bargain hunter’s neighborhood event 8 letters YARDSALE
Stockpile 5 letters AMASS
Waist accessory that’s adjustable 4 letters BELT
___-friendly 4 letters USER
Roll down the runway 4 letters TAXI
Turn down 6 letters REJECT
Certain phone notifications 6 letters ALERTS
In shape 3 letters FIT
Little kid 3 letters TOT
Pig’s place 3 letters STY
Oxen connector 4 letters YOKE
Winter jacket 5 letters PARKA
Canada’s capital 6 letters OTTAWA
___ together (shared a living space) 6 letters ROOMED
Drives too fast 6 letters SPEEDS
Manuscript copier 6 letters SCRIBE
Star Trek weapon 6 letters PHASER
This one or that one 6 letters EITHER
Small bit of cloth 5 letters SCRAP
Track-and-field athlete ___ Gebrselassie 5 letters HAILE
Award for the best in filmdom 5 letters OSCAR
Poetic lament 5 letters ELEGY
Spotted wildcats 8 letters LEOPARDS
Antlered deer 4 letters STAG
Field goal specialist 6 letters KICKER
Captivated 6 letters ENRAPT
Gadget that grips 5 letters CLAMP
Scatters seeds 4 letters SOWS
Moderate horse gait 4 letters TROT
Pasture portion 4 letters ACRE
Love in tennis 4 letters ZERO
Wax-coated Dutch cheese 4 letters EDAM
Judge’s attire 4 letters ROBE
Chi follower 3 letters PSI
Have title to 3 letters OWN
Director Spike 3 letters LEE

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