Universal Crossword June 16 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword June 16 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword June 16 2024 Answers:

Friends in French 4 letters AMIS
Chip dip 5 letters SALSA
Daddy 4 letters PAPA
Crunchy Japanese snack bits 10 letters WASABIPEAS
Gazed at 4 letters EYED
Hidden bonuses 10 letters EASTEREGGS
Style associated with black lipstick 4 letters GOTH
Powerful tennis shot 5 letters SMASH
Deer that sounds like a musical note 3 letters DOE
Beg 5 letters PLEAD
Grocery item displayed in a pyramid 3 letters CAN
Gazed 6 letters STARED
Pushed hard 6 letters SHOVED
Folktale 6 letters LEGEND
Our flop era is over! 11 letters WEARESOBACK
Queen ___ (pop nickname inspired by a hive leader) 3 letters BEY
Employ 4 letters HIRE
Educate 5 letters TEACH
Rubber item that may be upcycled into a swing 4 letters TIRE
University of Notre Dame’s state: Abbr. 3 letters IND
Professional signoff 11 letters BESTREGARDS
Oinking household companion 6 letters PETPIG
Symbols in texts 6 letters EMOJIS
The Beaver State 6 letters OREGON
___ Kippur 3 letters YOM
Elder god in Greek mythology 5 letters TITAN
Conk on the head 3 letters BOP
Piece of information 5 letters DATUM
You said it! 4 letters AMEN
Banner on social media 10 letters COVERPHOTO
Soft mineral 4 letters TALC
Vital signs affected by white coat syndrome 10 letters HEARTRATES
Escape shaft? 4 letters AXLE
It’s up for debate 5 letters ISSUE
I couldn’t care ___ 4 letters LESS
Astounds 4 letters AWES
___ this is a Wendy’s 4 letters MAAM
Rae of American Fiction 4 letters ISSA
Exam result that’s optional in some college apps 8 letters SATSCORE
___ this is a Wendy’s 3 letters SIR
Mimicked 4 letters APED
Casual name for the toy bricks in Ai Weiwei’s Water Lilies #1 5 letters LEGOS
Bob of Full House 5 letters SAGET
Donkey 3 letters ASS
Pirate’s walking stick? 6 letters PEGLEG
Emmy-winning actress in The Bear 10 letters AYOEDEBIRI
Org. opposed to leather and fur 4 letters PETA
Condition often managed with Adderall 4 letters ADHD
Act your age! 6 letters BEHAVE
Class for young kids informally 4 letters PREK
Savings for a rainy day 7 letters NESTEGG
Medieval pseudoscience 7 letters ALCHEMY
River through Paris 5 letters SEINE
I’m not really sure 10 letters HARDTOTELL
___ that make sense? 4 letters DOES
People prone to geeking out 5 letters NERDS
Recolors 4 letters DYES
Beat with a whisk maybe 4 letters WHIP
Only flying mammal 3 letters BAT
Unit of farmland 4 letters ACRE
Indian mausoleum 8 letters TAJMAHAL
Good in Spanish or French 4 letters BIEN
Positive press briefly 6 letters GOODPR
Frolic 6 letters PRANCE
Instruments used to tune orchestras 5 letters OBOES
Displays of star power? 5 letters NOVAS
Bye now! 4 letters TATA
Big-screen film format 4 letters IMAX
Country where the Amazon River starts 4 letters PERU
Reusable grocery bag 4 letters TOTE
Salt Lake City athletes 4 letters UTES
Velvety green growth 4 letters MOSS
Tai ___ 3 letters CHI
GPS suggestion 3 letters RTE

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