Universal Crossword June 13 2024 Answers

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Universal Crossword June 13 2024 Answers:

Tennis serve that touches the net 3 letters LET
___-and-tell 4 letters SHOW
Harpoon e.g. 5 letters SPEAR
Rowing implement 3 letters OAR
A pop 4 letters EACH
Artemis’ twin brother 6 letters APOLLO
Film FX used in the second Star Wars trilogy 3 letters CGI
___-Hero (2022 Taylor Swift single) 4 letters ANTI
Brit’s cry of surprise 6 letters BLIMEY
Fantastic Four actress Jessica 4 letters ALBA
Archenemy 7 letters NEMESIS
Drop the chew toy Spot! 7 letters LEAVEIT
Ebbs 7 letters RECEDES
Baby sheep 4 letters LAMB
Chromosome component 4 letters GENE
Sales agent for short 3 letters REP
1955 Vladimir Nabokov novel 6 letters LOLITA
Performs in a play 4 letters ACTS
Mine find 3 letters ORE
October birthstone 4 letters OPAL
Coffee beverage sometimes topped with foam art 5 letters LATTE
___ class (cycling session) 4 letters SPIN
Sloth for one 3 letters SIN
Pedigree competitor 4 letters ALPO
On cloud nine 6 letters ELATED
Last word in many a fairy tale 3 letters END
Understands 4 letters GETS
Wild party 4 letters BASH
1967 hit by Aretha Franklin whose title is spelled out in the lyrics 7 letters RESPECT
Sources for some vegan cheeses 7 letters CASHEWS
All together 7 letters INTOTAL
Sort of 4 letters ABIT
Hinder 6 letters IMPEDE
Willing and ___ 4 letters ABLE
Where ___ you going? 3 letters ARE
Daytona 500 org. 6 letters NASCAR
Total laugh-fest 4 letters RIOT
To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper 3 letters LEE
Intel collectors 5 letters SPIES
Hill-building insects 4 letters ANTS
Acid 3 letters LSD
In the area 5 letters LOCAL
Bald bird 5 letters EAGLE
*Reservations owned by Native peoples 11 letters TRIBALLANDS
Arabian or South China 3 letters SEA
*Villain portrayed by Anthony Hopkins in a 1991 horror/crime film 14 letters HANNIBALLECTER
Eightsome 5 letters OCTET
Sudden impulse 4 letters WHIM
Puts together as film 7 letters SPLICES
Grace under pressure 5 letters POISE
Common shade tree 3 letters ELM
Taproom order 3 letters ALE
Ted Lasso character ___ Kent 3 letters ROY
*Voting method for a citizen living abroad 14 letters ABSENTEEBALLOT
To no ___ 5 letters AVAIL
Upright 5 letters ERECT
CPR pro 3 letters EMT
*Make a mistake … and what the answers to the starred clues do in two ways? 11 letters DROPTHEBALL
Hair-raising 5 letters EERIE
Pay out 5 letters SPEND
Meowers in Mexico 5 letters GATOS
The hare in a fabled race 5 letters LOSER
Offer one’s two cents 5 letters OPINE
Is ___ (probably will) 5 letters APTTO
Malia Obama’s sister 5 letters SASHA
Meeting plans 7 letters AGENDAS
___ Vegas 3 letters LAS
King or queen in chess 5 letters PIECE
Woodsy abode 5 letters CABIN
Thin cables 5 letters WIRES
Knight’s ride 5 letters STEED
Rugrats voice actress Strong 4 letters TARA
Networking connections 3 letters INS
Key document? 3 letters MAP
Air pump letters 3 letters PSI
Aliens briefly 3 letters ETS

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