Universal Crossword June 12 2024 Answers

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Universal Crossword June 12 2024 Answers:

Onesie fastener 4 letters SNAP
Close pals for short 4 letters BFFS
So inclined? 5 letters STEEP
Speck of dust 4 letters MOTE
Ink stain 4 letters BLOT
The Very Busy Spider author Eric 5 letters CARLE
The U in UX 4 letters USER
*Place to argue a case 10 letters COURTHOUSE
Chicken ___ masala 5 letters TIKKA
Olympics sled 4 letters LUGE
Domino dot 3 letters PIP
*Initial guess 13 letters ROUGHESTIMATE
Parody 5 letters SPOOF
Not many 3 letters FEW
Frustrated cry 3 letters GAH
___ gin fizz 4 letters SLOE
Direct (to) 5 letters REFER
*Relaxing rub for a pregnant person (… first letter + last 6) 15 letters PRENATALMASSAGE
Fire truck sound 5 letters SIREN
Overflow (with) 4 letters TEEM
Fluffy boot brand 3 letters UGG
What bouncers check 3 letters IDS
Prince or princess 5 letters ROYAL
*2006 dark fantasy film written and directed by Guillermo del Toro 13 letters PANSLABYRINTH
Fast aircraft 3 letters JET
Give up 4 letters CEDE
In a heap 5 letters PILED
Ended a relationship … and a hint to this puzzle’s theme 10 letters PARTEDWAYS
Dibs! 4 letters MINE
Hunter among the stars 5 letters ORION
Common smoothie berry 4 letters ACAI
My Girl actress Chlumsky 4 letters ANNA
Aircraft 5 letters PLANE
Wide Sargasso Sea novelist Jean 4 letters RHYS
Loose-___ tea 4 letters LEAF
X-rated literature 4 letters SMUT
Polite refusal 5 letters NOSIR
Followed Jewish dietary rules 9 letters ATEKOSHER
Become more cheerful 6 letters PERKUP
Doctor Who network 3 letters BBC
Progressive spokeswoman 3 letters FLO
Infractions in sports 5 letters FOULS
Walk with confidence 5 letters STRUT
Ones cooking up a plot 8 letters SCHEMERS
The ___ of Pooh (1982 book) 3 letters TAO
Explode 5 letters ERUPT
Eighth Grade actress Fisher 5 letters ELSIE
Chick sound 4 letters PEEP
The weekend is almost here! 4 letters TGIF
In the past 3 letters AGO
Have guests over 4 letters HOST
D sharp equivalent 5 letters EFLAT
Amazes 4 letters AWES
Google Maps tech 3 letters GPS
Pressure singer Lennox 3 letters ARI
Flamenco cheer 3 letters OLE
___ board (mani-pedi tool) 5 letters EMERY
Likely locale for an earthquake 9 letters FAULTLINE
What’s cracked in the kitchen 3 letters EGG
Government rule informally 3 letters REG
German no 4 letters NEIN
OK that’s a wrap! 8 letters ANDSCENE
Love in Spanish 4 letters AMOR
Iditarod vehicle 4 letters SLED
Squeaky toy sound? 3 letters YIP
Ox or fox 6 letters ANIMAL
Oyster’s gem 5 letters PEARL
Sun-filled lobbies 5 letters ATRIA
Marketing battle 5 letters ADWAR
Seashore 5 letters BEACH
Natural hair dye 5 letters HENNA
Music genre that’s big in Tokyo 4 letters JPOP
Like many ASL signers 4 letters DEAF
Boatload 3 letters TON
Woot! 3 letters YAY
Certain sib 3 letters SIS

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