Universal Crossword June 11 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword June 11 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword June 11 2024 Answers:

Molecule that can be supercoiled 3 letters DNA
Another thing … 4 letters ALSO
Throws a tantrum say 6 letters ACTSUP
Single pushup e.g. 3 letters REP
Car that’s easy to park 4 letters MINI
Once for one? 6 letters NUMERO
___ out! (ump’s cry) 3 letters YER
What harpists do? 11 letters PULLSTRINGS
We’re agreed then! 4 letters DEAL
Be patient 4 letters WAIT
Whether ___ nobler in the mind … 3 letters TIS
What expert pianists do? 10 letters MASTERKEYS
Have a fancy meal 4 letters DINE
Country whose Cyrillic name was CCCP 4 letters USSR
Snaky fish 4 letters EELS
Checkers double-deckers 5 letters KINGS
Speedy shark 4 letters MAKO
___ canto 3 letters BEL
1975 ABBA hit whose title is a plea for help 3 letters SOS
With 36-Across what drummers do? 6 letters PICKUP
See 34-Across 6 letters STICKS
Android alternative 3 letters IOS
Deposit in a nest 3 letters LAY
Princess who slew Jabba the Hutt 4 letters LEIA
Sings improvisationally 5 letters SCATS
Horse/donkey hybrid 4 letters MULE
No ifs ___ or buts 4 letters ANDS
Curious in a bad way 4 letters NOSY
What expert trombonists do? 10 letters ROCKSLIDES
Graffiti murals and such 3 letters ART
Failed to float 4 letters SANK
Wild way to run 4 letters AMOK
Bring together the instrumentalists in 18- 24- 34-/36- and 49-Across? 11 letters POOLPLAYERS
What might get glossed over? 3 letters LIP
Too good to be true? 6 letters UNREAL
Some med. scans 4 letters MRIS
PC monitor variety 3 letters LCD
Croissant e.g. 6 letters PASTRY
Therefore 4 letters ERGO
Reel Big Fish genre 3 letters SKA
Like the Sahara 3 letters DRY
Require immediately 8 letters NEEDASAP
When hot chocolate may be enjoyed 8 letters APRESSKI
More than enough 5 letters AMPLE
Canadian actor Simu 3 letters LIU
Program filled with sketches informally? 3 letters SNL
Derrick’s site 7 letters OILWELL
Those opposed 5 letters ANTIS
Rudely brief 4 letters CURT
Ew that’s enough! 3 letters TMI
Submitted 6 letters SENTIN
Strongly encouraging 6 letters URGING
Entourages 6 letters POSSES
___ who?! 4 letters SAYS
Wicked act 8 letters ATROCITY
British parent 3 letters MUM
Puzzle with pictures 5 letters REBUS
Hold on to 4 letters KEEP
Deny 8 letters DISCLAIM
Fish you might find in a pond 3 letters KOI
Eyelid problems 5 letters STYES
Boxing match results: Abbr. 3 letters KOS
Polio vaccine developer 4 letters SALK
Some friends of Barbies 8 letters KENDOLLS
Robin for Batman 8 letters SIDEKICK
Aren’t I fortunate?! 7 letters LUCKYME
Burro 3 letters ASS
Buy right away 6 letters SNAPUP
Outer layer of the sun 6 letters CORONA
Fur trader John Jacob and family 6 letters ASTORS
___ Lisa 4 letters MONA
Come back after a setback 5 letters RALLY
Cowboy’s rope 5 letters LASSO
Go at it 4 letters SPAR
Cry heard after an invalid tennis serve 3 letters LET
Mess up 3 letters ERR
Fix dishonestly 3 letters RIG
Kissing on a park bench e.g. briefly 3 letters PDA

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