Universal Crossword June 10 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword June 10 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword June 10 2024 Answers:

Hoist 4 letters LIFT
Comic’s performance 3 letters SET
Moby-Dick captain 4 letters AHAB
Where most of the world lives 4 letters ASIA
Slashed pronoun for two genders 5 letters HESHE
An Inconvenient Truth writer Al 4 letters GORE
Where to find Perseverance and Curiosity 4 letters MARS
Be a cast member of 5 letters ACTIN
Completely agreed! 4 letters AMEN
Like McCartney’s guitar 4 letters BASS
They make things happen 5 letters DOERS
Gmail button 4 letters SEND
Group of eight 5 letters OCTET
The Simpsons neighbor 3 letters NED
English class assignment 5 letters ESSAY
Like many Braille readers 5 letters BLIND
Freak out 5 letters PANIC
Do the Right Thing pizza joint owner 3 letters SAL
Valley say 7 letters LOWLAND
NFL ball carriers 3 letters RBS
Difficult duty 4 letters ONUS
Anne Frank kept one 5 letters DIARY
Halliwell of Spice Girls fame 4 letters GERI
Lost or on the ocean 5 letters ATSEA
Part of NIMBY 3 letters NOT
They have sturdy trunks 5 letters TREES
Brought on board again 7 letters REHIRED
We 7 letters YOUANDI
Word with garden or Buddhism 3 letters ZEN
Drs.’ co-workers 3 letters RNS
Hit one out of the park and the key to interpreting the starred clues 13 letters CLEARTHEBASES
Settled a debt 4 letters PAID
Video game brand name since 1972 5 letters ATARI
Canada’s has two colors 4 letters FLAG
Data for short 4 letters INFO
Makes sense to me! 5 letters GOTIT
Bunton of Spice Girls fame 4 letters EMMA
Adolescent 4 letters TEEN
Fencing implements 5 letters EPEES
Bambi’s kin 4 letters DOES
Ferrari alternative familiarly 5 letters LAMBO
Scientist Newton 5 letters ISAAC
*Show embarrassment 10 letters FIRSTBLUSH
Mortarboard attachment 6 letters TASSEL
*___ instrument 10 letters SECONDWIND
Lauder of cosmetics 5 letters ESTEE
*Lively social event 10 letters THIRDPARTY
Longtime rival of Sampras 6 letters AGASSI
*Mesh item in a window frame 10 letters HOMESCREEN
Madison Square Garden e.g. 5 letters ARENA
Like a flexible straw 5 letters BENDY
Possessed 3 letters HAD
Low-ranking Navy officer: Abbr. 3 letters ENS
Up to informally 3 letters TIL
Conclude 3 letters END
Silently agree 3 letters NOD
Whichever 3 letters ANY
Fly high 4 letters SOAR
Poker player’s payment 4 letters ANTE
One may live by the Mekong River 3 letters LAO
Born and ___ 4 letters BRED
Spanish for Yes yes 4 letters SISI
Eagerly took advantage of 8 letters SEIZEDON
Pasture-raised 8 letters GRASSFED
Zone 4 letters AREA
Kind of steak for a pescatarian 4 letters TUNA
Make really really angry 6 letters ENRAGE
Trips around the world? 6 letters ORBITS
Support staff? 4 letters CANE
Existence 4 letters LIFE
Sporty car roof 4 letters TTOP
Loathe 4 letters HATE
Lakeside county in New York or Pennsylvania 4 letters ERIE
Red Muppet 4 letters ELMO
___ here! (Ditto!) 4 letters SAME
Service place for Lewis Hamilton 3 letters PIT
Cook’s fuel maybe 3 letters GAS

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