Universal Crossword June 1 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword June 1 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword June 1 2024 Answers:

Trendy 3 letters HIP
Citi Field baseball team 4 letters METS
Breadth 5 letters SCOPE
Bob Marley: ___ Love (2024 film) 3 letters ONE
Implicitly understood 5 letters TACIT
Goof 5 letters ERROR
Here we go again … 9 letters OHBROTHER
Sobs 5 letters WEEPS
Dish of skewered food: Var. 5 letters KABOB
Mouthy? 4 letters ORAL
Qatar’s capital 4 letters DOHA
Never-before-seen 6 letters ALLNEW
Whack as a mosquito 4 letters SWAT
Avocado discard 3 letters PIT
Tee-___ 3 letters HEE
Possesses 3 letters HAS
Traditional Jewish steam bath 6 letters SHVITZ
Annual Major League Baseball event 11 letters WORLDSERIES
Subjects of some Japanese agricultural art 11 letters BONSAITREES
Provided commentary in real time once 11 letters LIVETWEETED
In this way 6 letters LIKESO
Object made in Minecraft with paper and a compass 3 letters MAP
Public health org. 3 letters FDA
Munched 3 letters ATE
Stumble 4 letters TRIP
___ up (got ready) 6 letters GEARED
Sch. near Hollywood 4 letters UCLA
The Y of YSL 4 letters YVES
Full steam ___! 5 letters AHEAD
Unit of sand 5 letters GRAIN
I can relate 9 letters BEENTHERE
Main language in India 5 letters HINDI
Geographic reference book 5 letters ATLAS
One may be standing in an alley 3 letters PIN
Real ___ (2011 Hugh Jackman film with boxing robots) 5 letters STEEL
Women folksily 4 letters GALS
White alternative on a wine menu 3 letters RED
Hashish pipe 6 letters HOOKAH
Breathing exercise instruction 6 letters INHALE
Teeny rock 6 letters PEBBLE
Dojo surface 3 letters MAT
Reverberation 4 letters ECHO
Stadium levels 5 letters TIERS
Word after bendy or silly 5 letters STRAW
Put in stitches 3 letters SEW
Reputation slangily 4 letters CRED
Desserts featuring black-and-white cookies 8 letters OREOPIES
Chart-topping songs by Taylor Swift or Beyonce 7 letters POPHITS
Imitation 6 letters ERSATZ
Truthfully … 10 letters TOBEHONEST
Parks and Recreation character Swanson 3 letters RON
Game with sensor-covered vests 8 letters LASERTAG
Tale told by a vet 8 letters WARSTORY
Certain achievements for winning multiple times in a row 10 letters THREEPEATS
Creamy BBQ side 4 letters SLAW
Competed (for) 4 letters VIED
Worked on a loom 4 letters WOVE
Casino cube 3 letters DIE
Academic acronym 4 letters STEM
Road division whose users typically wear helmets 8 letters BIKELANE
Class for an English major briefly 7 letters LITCRIT
Reacts positively to a joke 6 letters LAUGHS
Unsolicited press for your company informally 6 letters FREEPR
Sweetie 6 letters DEARIE
Part of a sum 6 letters ADDEND
Fluid-filled pouch in an E.R. 5 letters IVBAG
The Hunger Games character Mellark 5 letters PEETA
That feels so nice! 3 letters AHH
White House staffer 4 letters AIDE
Convince to buy 4 letters SELL
Zero 3 letters NIL
Rapper Lil ___ X 3 letters NAS

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