Universal Crossword July 9 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword July 9 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword July 9 2024 Answers:

Takes a breather 5 letters RESTS
Here comes trouble … 4 letters UHOH
Annie Lennox for one 4 letters SCOT
Love to the moon and back 5 letters ADORE
Where most of the world’s alpacas live 4 letters PERU
Takes a wrong turn say 4 letters ERRS
To start the billiards game the player … 15 letters MADEACLEANBREAK
Mosque leader 4 letters IMAM
Co. that mailed out free trial CDs in the ’90s 3 letters AOL
Southern speech patterns 6 letters DRAWLS
Southern college where Joe Namath was a QB 4 letters BAMA
Sari or gyro 4 letters WRAP
Before her strokes she … 14 letters CALLEDTHESHOTS
Bananarama’s ___ Summer 5 letters CRUEL
Ties the knot 4 letters WEDS
Female deer 3 letters DOE
Assists 4 letters AIDS
Rotisserie rods 5 letters SPITS
Emailed out 4 letters SENT
Outdoor gear co-op 3 letters REI
Relaxation destinations 4 letters SPAS
Book that has a lot of boundaries? 5 letters ATLAS
And after every stroke she successfully … 14 letters DROPPEDTHEBALL
Fish that Ursula had as minions 4 letters EELS
Not difficult 4 letters EASY
Flip-flop for one 6 letters SANDAL
Off-road ride: Abbr. 3 letters ATV
Feeling in a romance novel 4 letters LUST
She celebrated victory once she … 15 letters CLEAREDTHETABLE
Lots 4 letters ATON
Sacred event 4 letters RITE
Used DoorDash say 5 letters ATEIN
___ Blanc (highest peak in the Alps) 4 letters MONT
Vet’s preventative verb 4 letters SPAY
Cooties 5 letters GERMS
Malek of Bohemian Rhapsody 4 letters RAMI
Cheese in red wax 4 letters EDAM
Common mixer 4 letters SODA
Shakes in fear 8 letters TREMBLES
Dead ___ Scrolls 3 letters SEA
Put online 6 letters UPLOAD
Pump or stiletto 4 letters HEEL
The Masked Singer panelist Rita 3 letters ORA
Place next to thousands 8 letters HUNDREDS
High-ranking celestial being 6 letters SERAPH
Sock style 4 letters CREW
Spoken 4 letters ORAL
Shaming sounds 4 letters TSKS
Attended 4 letters CAME
Instrumental alloy? 5 letters BRASS
Once and for ___ 3 letters ALL
Sharpen 4 letters WHET
Bygone public announcer 5 letters CRIER
Important aspect of a podcast 5 letters AUDIO
Wrench 5 letters TWIST
Nancy who hosted Entertainment Tonight 5 letters ODELL
Harmonic 5 letters TONAL
Complete collections 4 letters SETS
Deck piece? 4 letters CARD
Bee competitors 8 letters SPELLERS
Cushions 4 letters PADS
Party past midnight say 8 letters STAYLATE
Asparagus stalk 5 letters SPEAR
Belly bumps? 3 letters ABS
Academic nitpicker 6 letters PEDANT
Certain pronoun pair 6 letters HETHEY
Roof edge 4 letters EAVE
Con game 4 letters SCAM
Annie Lennox e.g. 4 letters ALTO
Gas in a glowing sign 4 letters NEON
___ girl! 4 letters ATTA
Ride-hailing app 4 letters UBER
Unlikely as chances 4 letters SLIM
Place next to ones 4 letters TENS
Condiment for chips 3 letters DIP
Mark with graffiti 3 letters TAG

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