Universal Crossword July 8 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword July 8 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword July 8 2024 Answers:

Puts in stitches 4 letters SEWS
Motionless 6 letters ATREST
___ thai 3 letters PAD
SOS e.g. 4 letters PLEA
Cowboy of the South American pampas 6 letters GAUCHO
Love Story actress MacGraw 3 letters ALI
*Sea captain’s final order 11 letters ABANDONSHIP
GPS calculation 3 letters RTE
Opportunity on Mars for one 5 letters ROVER
Like ultrabright colors 4 letters NEON
Edinburgh native 4 letters SCOT
Meadow mama 3 letters EWE
Here in Haiti 3 letters ICI
Some luau instruments briefly 4 letters UKES
*Green Mexican dish 12 letters AVOCADOSALAD
Good guys in old Western films typically 6 letters LAWMEN
Easy pace 4 letters LOPE
Palindromic kitchenware brand 3 letters OXO
Well ventilated 4 letters AIRY
Support beam 5 letters JOIST
Took legal action 4 letters SUED
Surveillance org. 3 letters NSA
Trims the grass 4 letters MOWS
That true? 6 letters ISITSO
*Metaphor for an abundance of acronyms 12 letters ALPHABETSOUP
Greater than great 4 letters EPIC
Grammy winner DiFranco 3 letters ANI
___-mo replay 3 letters SLO
Pronto! 4 letters ASAP
Site of a baseball merger? 4 letters SEAM
___ solar eclipse 5 letters TOTAL
Part of mpg 3 letters PER
*First American astronaut to travel in space 11 letters ALANSHEPARD
Bit of butter 3 letters PAT
Winner 6 letters VICTOR
Egg (on) 4 letters URGE
Pig’s digs 3 letters STY
Capital of Greece … and when parsed differently a hint to the starred clues’ answers 6 letters ATHENS
Hershey toffee bar 4 letters SKOR
Pickup in a bowling alley 5 letters SPARE
Macaroni shape 5 letters ELBOW
Work on a loom 5 letters WEAVE
Levelheaded 4 letters SANE
Let’s give it ___! 3 letters AGO
___ acid (wine component) 6 letters TANNIC
Sneaky trick 4 letters RUSE
Canyon sound effect 4 letters ECHO
Leg part guarded in soccer 4 letters SHIN
Spinning toy 3 letters TOP
Distribute 9 letters PARCELOUT
*Some jazz combo instruments 9 letters ALTOSAXES
Eating plan 4 letters DIET
The D of PRNDL 5 letters DRIVE
Reggae relative 3 letters SKA
Scam 6 letters CONJOB
Function 3 letters USE
Comedian Schumer 3 letters AMY
Elite group of celebs 5 letters ALIST
___ and don’ts 3 letters DOS
Possible choice 6 letters OPTION
Extinct bird 4 letters DODO
Lang of Smallville 4 letters LANA
*Plane passenger’s request maybe 9 letters AISLESEAT
Film cast and crew celebration 9 letters WRAPPARTY
Be in debt 3 letters OWE
Little taste 3 letters SIP
___ and cheese 3 letters MAC
Luxury hotel room 5 letters SUITE
Trendy 3 letters HIP
Biblical strong man 6 letters SAMSON
Barren 5 letters STARK
Slowly in music 5 letters LARGO
Like big siblings 5 letters OLDER
YouTube and Instagram 4 letters APPS
Narrow opening 4 letters SLIT
Apiece 4 letters EACH
Starting poker bet 4 letters ANTE
Magnum ___ 4 letters OPUS
Director DuVernay 3 letters AVA
Time sheet figs. 3 letters HRS

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