Universal Crossword July 7 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword July 7 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword July 7 2024 Answers:

Feminine shoes with straps 10 letters SLINGBACKS
Green Party leader Stein 4 letters JILL
Photo taken from above 10 letters AERIALSHOT
Canine friend of Garfield 4 letters ODIE
Cut! Great work everyone! 10 letters THATSAWRAP
Didn’t discard 4 letters KEPT
Creamy charcuterie centerpiece 4 letters BRIE
___ character (protagonist) 4 letters MAIN
Catches word of 5 letters HEARS
Let’s do it! 3 letters YES
Telescope part 4 letters LENS
Furtively walks 6 letters SIDLES
Extend a lease 5 letters RENEW
Sounds of disapproval 4 letters TSKS
Goat’s cry 3 letters MAA
Ruckus 3 letters ADO
Zombie Awareness Month 3 letters MAY
The Beatles’ ___ Madonna 4 letters LADY
Many break in the summer 13 letters WATERBALLOONS
Photos 4 letters PICS
Lab helpers for short 3 letters TAS
Ctrl-___-Del 3 letters ALT
High key? 3 letters ESC
Stylish 4 letters CHIC
They’ll rat you out 5 letters NARCS
Room to maneuver 6 letters LEEWAY
Like granola bars 4 letters OATY
Gore and Green for two 3 letters ALS
Urge to action 5 letters IMPEL
Less to a minimalist 4 letters MORE
Where an insult sticks 4 letters CRAW
___ d’Ivoire (West African nation) 4 letters COTE
Where many high-stakes calls are made 10 letters POKERTABLE
Like a passionate fan 4 letters AVID
Don’t waste my time with this nonsense 10 letters IMINNOMOOD
Parts of basketball hoops 4 letters NETS
Hey now I’m new at this 10 letters GOEASYONME
Watched as others acted 5 letters SATBY
The Elements songwriter Tom 6 letters LEHRER
You’re probably bluffing follow-up 6 letters IRAISE
Late hours in advertising 4 letters NITE
Fuel from a station 3 letters GAS
Deserving fault 11 letters BLAMEWORTHY
Nile dam that formed Lake Nasser 5 letters ASWAN
Treat for Santa 15 letters CHRISTMASCOOKIE
Zen master’s conundrum 4 letters KOAN
Fuel additive letters 3 letters STP
Kidded around 5 letters JOKED
The ultimate catch for some 8 letters IDEALMAN
Watches someone else’s mouth 8 letters LIPREADS
Suppose it weren’t this way … 7 letters LETSSAY
That guy’s 3 letters HIS
Journalistic intro 4 letters LEDE
Lights up? 11 letters SKYLANTERNS
2019 World Series champs 4 letters NATS
Nickname that drops vatore 3 letters SAL
Tolkien series to fans 4 letters LOTR
I knew you’d come to your senses 8 letters WISEMOVE
Stop denying that 8 letters ACCEPTIT
Big name in antioxidant drinks 3 letters BAI
Regenerist skin care brand 4 letters OLAY
Bird on a Louisiana quarter 7 letters PELICAN
MLB legend Ripken 3 letters CAL
C as in chemistry? 6 letters CARBON
Winding event at the Winter Olympics 6 letters SLALOM
They’re pulled out of their beds 5 letters WEEDS
Large concert venue 5 letters ARENA
Soccer star Stina Blackstenius for one 5 letters SWEDE
Dumpling often eaten with achar 4 letters MOMO
Hunter’s garb briefly 4 letters CAMO
Oinking animal 3 letters PIG
Tickle Me Elmo for one 3 letters TOY

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