Universal Crossword July 6 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword July 6 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword July 6 2024 Answers:

Open a bit 4 letters AJAR
Indonesian province nicknamed Island of the Gods 4 letters BALI
Verb in a souffle recipe 4 letters WHIP
Walk leisurely 10 letters MOSEYALONG
Conceal 4 letters HIDE
Tennis legend who allegedly coined the term in the zone 10 letters ARTHURASHE
Bon ___ (indie folk band) 4 letters IVER
Guitar band … but not a rock band 5 letters STRAP
One prone to ordering things compulsively? 9 letters NEATFREAK
Cry loudly 3 letters SOB
Muscular terrier type 7 letters PITBULL
Granulated base for a Japanese soup stock 11 letters DASHIPOWDER
Spine-stretching yoga sequence 6 letters CATCOW
UFO pilots 3 letters ETS
Aladdin parrot 4 letters IAGO
Sour Patch Kid ___ Are the Latest in a Long Line of Wacky Flavors (Daily Beast headline) 5 letters OREOS
___ Vegas 3 letters LAS
Start … NOW! 5 letters ANDGO
___ Scout Cookies 4 letters GIRL
Yoga pad 3 letters MAT
Supercool 6 letters BADASS
Some beachfront constructions 11 letters SANDCASTLES
Share 7 letters PORTION
Chinese steamed bun 3 letters BAO
Italian appetizer 9 letters ANTIPASTO
Sports venue 5 letters ARENA
Shrek actress Cameron 4 letters DIAZ
Take a breath … and relax 10 letters COUNTTOTEN
1998 animated film often compared to A Bug’s Life 4 letters ANTZ
This is not up for debate! 10 letters ANDIMEANIT
Small plateau 4 letters MESA
Good grief! 4 letters GEEZ
Wide valley 4 letters DALE
Reddit Q&As 4 letters AMAS
Portmanteau for denim cutoffs 5 letters JORTS
Prefix for physics 5 letters ASTRO
Physical therapy for short 5 letters REHAB
Place to order a beer 3 letters BAR
You Learn singer Morissette 6 letters ALANIS
I’ve had enough of that tone from you 15 letters LOSETHEATTITUDE
Occupies 8 letters INHABITS
Tornado’s smaller relative 9 letters WHIRLWIND
Bee’s home 4 letters HIVE
Concept 4 letters IDEA
Extra benefit 4 letters PERK
Mm-hmm 3 letters YUP
Outfits informally 6 letters GETUPS
Rapper ___ Rida 3 letters FLO
Foot for a 23-Across 3 letters PAW
Uno + uno 3 letters DOS
Father to a toddler 4 letters DADA
Deviled ___ (appetizers topped with paprika) 4 letters EGGS
Aussie jumpers 4 letters ROOS
Gear teeth 4 letters COGS
Opera highlight 4 letters ARIA
Coastal bird 4 letters TERN
Leftovers-for-breakfast option 9 letters COLDPIZZA
Concert closer 8 letters LASTSONG
Smallish batteries 3 letters AAS
Shaken instrument 6 letters MARACA
Singer ___ Folds 3 letters BEN
Own up (to) 3 letters COP
Canadian dollar coin slangily 6 letters LOONIE
Expansive 5 letters BROAD
Big name in health insurance 5 letters AETNA
Buck in the Baseball Hall of Fame 5 letters ONEIL
Eve’s partner in Eden 4 letters ADAM
Number of lives for a cat it’s said 4 letters NINE
Pieces of body art briefly 4 letters TATS
Had a snack 3 letters ATE
Player’s payment 4 letters ANTE
Celebrity news site 3 letters TMZ

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