Universal Crossword July 5 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword July 5 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword July 5 2024 Answers:

Ships out 5 letters SENDS
Wrestler Flair 3 letters RIC
Bursts of wind 5 letters GUSTS
Unmissable 5 letters OVERT
Angsty music genre 3 letters EMO
HS course with a long reading list 5 letters APLIT
Tibia neighbor 5 letters FEMUR
Corn discard 3 letters COB
Back-of-the-mouth dangler 5 letters UVULA
What wafts from a pizza parlor 5 letters AROMA
Lagunitas brew for short 3 letters IPA
Number of spaces on a Monopoly board 5 letters FORTY
*Reject someone on a dating app (In this answer note letters 4-7) 9 letters SWIPELEFT
Hello! tag info 4 letters NAME
Rihanna’s beauty brand 5 letters FENTY
North Carolina college town hidden in Barcelona 4 letters ELON
Dr. Jill Biden acronymically 6 letters FLOTUS
Guarantee 6 letters ENSURE
Large ice cream container 3 letters TUB
I don’t mean to offend you … 7 letters NOSHADE
Mary Barra’s title at GM 3 letters CEO
Dibs! 4 letters MINE
Solo of Star Wars 3 letters HAN
Texter’s disclaimer 4 letters IMHO
Candy heart verb 3 letters LUV
Donkey 3 letters ASS
That will ___ long way 3 letters GOA
Movie segment 5 letters SCENE
Don’t think so cowpoke 3 letters NAW
Bagels’ middles 5 letters HOLES
Dawn goddess 3 letters EOS
Pieces of wisdom … or chicken 7 letters NUGGETS
Sort 3 letters ILK
Alter as a Wikipedia article 4 letters EDIT
Make a point? 5 letters SCORE
Duh! 4 letters OBVI
Cooler brand or a hairy cryptid 4 letters YETI
Embarrassment 5 letters SHAME
Extremely dry 4 letters ARID
Yemeni city near the Red Sea 4 letters ADEN
Bat mitzvahs e.g. 5 letters RITES
Come clean with up 4 letters FESS
Amateur mover’s bane 4 letters SOFA
Always 4 letters EVER
Disney clownfish 4 letters NEMO
Beat it! 7 letters DRUMSET
___ poll 5 letters STRAW
Cookbook entry 6 letters RECIPE
Pass me the ball! 6 letters IMOPEN
Blue hue 6 letters COBALT
US Open champ Coco 5 letters GAUFF
Endorses on Reddit 7 letters UPVOTES
Curved line in music 4 letters SLUR
Pinball foul 4 letters TILT
Remain 4 letters STAY
In that case … 4 letters IFSO
Checked out 4 letters EYED
Certain digital asset for short 3 letters NFT
Grad 4 letters ALUM
*Something viewed in a smartphone’s web browser (… letters 3-7) 10 letters MOBILESITE
*Mexican professional wrestling (… letters 5-7) 10 letters LUCHALIBRE
Milk’s favorite cookie 4 letters OREO
New: Prefix 3 letters NEO
Like a bumpy road 6 letters UNEVEN
Barnyard calls 6 letters NEIGHS
MCU superhero played by Simu Liu 8 letters SHANGCHI
Attempts … or when read differently contains a sports legend? 8 letters HASAGOAT
You heard my question! 8 letters ANSWERME
Convent figure 3 letters NUN
Barnyard call 3 letters MOO
Toodles! 5 letters SEEYA
Wrote some JavaScript say 5 letters CODED
Singer Presley 5 letters ELVIS
Loses traction 5 letters SKIDS
Back in the ___ (Beatles song) 4 letters USSR
Summer shirts 4 letters TEES
Sn on the periodic table 3 letters TIN
Klutz 3 letters OAF

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