Universal Crossword July 4 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword July 4 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword July 4 2024 Answers:

Hollywood legend Mae 4 letters WEST
Errand runner 5 letters GOFER
Self-satisfied 4 letters SMUG
Pal in Paris 4 letters AMIE
Cognizant 5 letters AWARE
Dorothy’s dog 4 letters TOTO
Fusion genre popular in Myrtle Beach and Charleston? 10 letters SCRAPMETAL
Cookie created to compete with Hydrox 4 letters OREO
Former name signifier 3 letters NEE
Was ahead 3 letters LED
Some starter courses 5 letters SOUPS
Past and present for two 6 letters TENSES
Preliminary race 4 letters HEAT
Strange Magic band briefly 3 letters ELO
Mexican artist Frida 5 letters KAHLO
Military alert system 6 letters DEFCON
Ram’s counterpart 3 letters EWE
Yours and mine 4 letters OURS
Tree’s supports 5 letters ROOTS
Census data from Columbia and Joplin? 13 letters MOTOWNRECORDS
Light in a cave maybe 5 letters TORCH
Billion: Prefix 4 letters GIGA
___ culpa 3 letters MEA
Asylum in the Batman universe 6 letters ARKHAM
Fruity soda brand 5 letters FANTA
See ya! 3 letters BYE
Suggestive 4 letters RACY
Power failure 6 letters OUTAGE
Angle symbol in math 5 letters THETA
Keyless entry device 3 letters FOB
Awesome! 3 letters RAD
Honolulu’s home 4 letters OAHU
Part-time opportunities for residents of Fort Wayne and Muncie? 10 letters INSIDEJOBS
Something to keep up when you’re down 4 letters CHIN
Maritime 5 letters NAVAL
___ of Man 4 letters ISLE
Corkboard insert 4 letters TACK
Muscle targeted by squats informally 5 letters GLUTE
Have a hunch 4 letters FEEL
I Just ___ Made for These Times (Beach Boys song) 5 letters WASNT
Person who introduces acts 5 letters EMCEE
Reason to pull over 5 letters SIREN
Gossip in slang 3 letters TEA
Jeopardy e.g. 8 letters GAMESHOW
Had debts 4 letters OWED
The 2% in 2% milk 3 letters FAT
Remove 5 letters ERASE
Add more money to as a debit card 6 letters RELOAD
Eight-sided sign 4 letters STOP
What a wire tapper uses? 9 letters MORSECODE
Great Basin tribe 3 letters UTE
Gunk 3 letters GOO
Type of bargain 4 letters PLEA
In ___ (unborn) 5 letters UTERO
Saturday Night Live segment 6 letters SKETCH
Appall 7 letters HORRIFY
Oodles of 5 letters LOTSA
Clip-___ (certain sunglasses) 3 letters ONS
Pulmonary organ 4 letters LUNG
Layout 6 letters FORMAT
Georgia school where Jimmy Carter is tenured 5 letters EMORY
Characteristic of a good employee 9 letters WORKETHIC
Nintendo competitor 4 letters SEGA
Chicago airport 5 letters OHARE
Kiss and embrace 8 letters CANOODLE
Bar bill 3 letters TAB
Defeating in chess 6 letters MATING
Cannoli shell basically 4 letters TUBE
A man a plan a ____ Panama (famous palindrome) 5 letters CANAL
Got up 5 letters AROSE
Triangular part of a building 5 letters GABLE
Notorious Ford flop 5 letters EDSEL
Dreamboat 4 letters HUNK
Decree 4 letters FIAT
Month of Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Abbr. 3 letters OCT
Word of sudden insight 3 letters AHA
Law & Order spinoff informally 3 letters SVU
Peter Pan rival 3 letters JIF

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