Universal Crossword July 3 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword July 3 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword July 3 2024 Answers:

Wagers 4 letters BETS
Young chaps 4 letters LADS
Terra ___ (solid ground) 5 letters FIRMA
Reid of The Big Lebowski 4 letters TARA
Primatologists study them 4 letters APES
Many-layered vegetable 5 letters ONION
Put on paper 9 letters WRITEDOWN
Hormone producer 5 letters GLAND
How a snorer sleeps? 7 letters SOUNDLY
Expresses gratitude to 6 letters THANKS
Stagger 4 letters REEL
Golf club with a metal head 4 letters IRON
Minnesota hockey team 4 letters WILD
Second-largest Dutch city 9 letters ROTTERDAM
Brainchild 4 letters IDEA
Where Muscat is 4 letters OMAN
Safer Internet Day’s mo. 3 letters FEB
Neutral shade 4 letters GRAY
___ forces 5 letters ARMED
Tiniest amount 4 letters IOTA
Small taste of a drink 3 letters SIP
Double-reeded woodwind 4 letters OBOE
Hamilton showdown 4 letters DUEL
Like a sale that encompasses an entire shop 9 letters STOREWIDE
Quaint quaintly 4 letters OLDE
Gentle touches 4 letters PATS
Israeli airline 4 letters ELAL
Experts 6 letters MAVENS
Formally end 7 letters ABOLISH
Putting the finishing touches on as a cake 5 letters ICING
Shape found behind a hockey goal 9 letters TRAPEZOID
Host 5 letters EMCEE
If all ___ fails … 4 letters ELSE
Currency used in 27-Across 4 letters EURO
Requirements 5 letters NEEDS
Female deer 4 letters DOES
The Price Is Right host Carey 4 letters DREW
Texter’s intro to an aside 3 letters BTW
I’m all ___! (Talk to me!) 4 letters EARS
Green Day for example 4 letters TRIO
Far-right column on a calendar perhaps 8 letters SATURDAY
Means of climbing in a classic board game 6 letters LADDER
Moon mission program 6 letters APOLLO
Hydrated and fresh like skin 4 letters DEWY
IRS form ID 3 letters SSN
Seaside signal source 7 letters FOGHORN
Away from the shore 6 letters INLAND
Knives Out director Johnson 4 letters RIAN
Man who takes vows 4 letters MONK
No ifs ___ or buts 4 letters ANDS
U-turn from WSW 3 letters ENE
Tire pattern 5 letters TREAD
I can relate to this meme 4 letters ITME
Hairpieces 4 letters WIGS
Actor Elba 5 letters IDRIS
Sprang 5 letters LEAPT
Oscar winner Marisa 5 letters TOMEI
On the wrong side (of) 5 letters AFOUL
Portioned (out) 5 letters METED
Bundle of hay 4 letters BALE
Assists in crime 5 letters ABETS
Columns’ counterparts 4 letters ROWS
Placed on a pedestal 8 letters IDOLIZED
Fruits with a Valencia variety 7 letters ORANGES
Started the bidding 6 letters OPENED
Lower the value of 6 letters DEBASE
Forgoes a big wedding ceremony 6 letters ELOPES
Part of IPA 3 letters ALE
Demeanor 4 letters MIEN
High point 4 letters ACME
Miami ___ 4 letters VICE
Singer Parks 4 letters ARLO
Lip-puckering 4 letters SOUR
Bring on board 4 letters HIRE
Org. whose letters’ first occurrences become progressively farther apart in 17- 27- 42- and 57-Across 3 letters TED
Chemical company based in Michigan 3 letters DOW

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