Universal Crossword January 9 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword January 9 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword January 9 2024 Answers:

Barely perceptible 5 letters FAINT
Like fake furs 4 letters FAUX
Neighbor of Syria 4 letters IRAQ
Sedated 5 letters UNDER
Farmland measure 4 letters ACRE
Machu Picchu’s locale 4 letters PERU
Harriet Beecher ___ 5 letters STOWE
Machine bits 4 letters COGS
Cookie you can twist 4 letters OREO
With letters in three blocks and 22-Across passive-aggressive quietness 9 letters SILENTTRE
See 20-Across 3 letters ENT
Offshoot 5 letters SCION
Sport with chops 6 letters KARATE
One more 7 letters ANOTHER
Darn right it happened 7 letters SUREDID
With letters in four blocks and 32-Across That’s too nice! 3 letters YOU
See 31-Across 5 letters TERME
Makes an oopsie 4 letters ERRS
Charmin competitor 5 letters SCOTT
Still drying 4 letters DAMP
With letters in four blocks and 43-Across Hershey’s treat 5 letters CHOCO
See 41-Across 3 letters BAR
They may be casual or for business 7 letters AFFAIRS
Warmly welcome 7 letters EMBRACE
I need to know in advance! 6 letters WARNME
Fauna’s counterpart 5 letters FLORA
Hardware store chain 3 letters ACE
Unexpected charge … or a theme hint 9 letters HIDDENFEE
Go higher 4 letters RISE
Mary ___ (weed) 4 letters JANE
What waiting for overdue results can be 5 letters AGONY
Queen Latifah’s given first name 4 letters DANA
Word of woe 4 letters ALAS
___ a purpose 5 letters SERVE
Schedule opening 4 letters SLOT
Cheesy sandwich 4 letters MELT
Cards that beat deuces 5 letters TREYS
Commotion 4 letters FUSS
Not pro- 4 letters ANTI
Word after teen or American 4 letters IDOL
Most fresh 6 letters NEWEST
You can dig it! 6 letters TRENCH
One two three or six for six 6 letters FACTOR
Squirrel’s snack 5 letters ACORN
Impulse 4 letters URGE
Poison indicators on bottles 3 letters XES
NYSE debut 3 letters IPO
Like classic books through time 6 letters REREAD
Defensive comeback 6 letters ARENTI
Cited in a thesis say 6 letters QUOTED
Fasten with string 3 letters TIE
Author Vonnegut 4 letters KURT
Limb missing from many a sculpture 3 letters ARM
Mouthpiece attachment 4 letters REED
Yes vote 3 letters AYE
Neither’s partner 3 letters NOR
Couple’s word 3 letters OUR
Tennis unit 3 letters SET
What 2 can mean in texts 3 letters TOO
Security procedure 4 letters SCAN
Like bad losers 4 letters SORE
Loops in via email 3 letters CCS
Atty.’s org. 3 letters ABA
___ Tonight (’80s McDonald’s character) 3 letters MAC
Season opener? 3 letters PRE
That dude 3 letters HIM
Hugo and Tony for two 6 letters AWARDS
Spa treatment that might involve a mask 6 letters FACIAL
Central California city 6 letters FRESNO
In position to inherit the throne say 6 letters ELDEST
Fashionable in the ’60s 3 letters MOD
Chicken piece 6 letters BREAST
National park figure 6 letters RANGER
Last 5 letters FINAL
___ and hearty 4 letters HALE
Fairway warning 4 letters FORE
A deadly sin 4 letters ENVY
Snake ___ (lowest dice roll) 4 letters EYES
Fill up on 3 letters EAT
Traffic problem 3 letters JAM

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