Universal Crossword January 25 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword January 25 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword January 25 2023 Answers:

Places to unwind 4 letters SPAS
Closest pal for short 3 letters BFF
Couldn’t not 5 letters HADTO
Kurylenko of Black Widow 4 letters OLGA
Feathered scarves 4 letters BOAS
Kiss on both cheeks perhaps 5 letters GREET
*Dessert named for its traditional amount of butter flour sugar and eggs 9 letters POUNDCAKE
Reznor of Nine Inch Nails 5 letters TRENT
Garden shovel 5 letters SPADE
Collection of virtual reality realms 9 letters METAVERSE
On the ___ (in flight) 3 letters LAM
Contraception choice: Abbr. 3 letters IUD
Fortuneteller 4 letters SEER
*What Old San Juan has 11 letters STORIEDPAST
Throw forcefully in slang 4 letters YEET
Deg. for a tooth expert 3 letters DDS
Fly solo 6 letters GOSTAG
Org. for a surgeon 3 letters AMA
Marching insect 3 letters ANT
Harrison of My Fair Lady 3 letters REX
World Cup cry 3 letters OLE
Korean cabbage dish 6 letters KIMCHI
Stick a ___ in it 3 letters PIN
Mind-numbing 4 letters DULL
*Upper class 11 letters HIGHSOCIETY
Arthur ___ Stadium 4 letters ASHE
Watch it! 3 letters HEY
Chihuahua sound 3 letters YAP
Rhyming Klondike treat discontinued in 2022 9 letters CHOCOTACO
Sorcerer’s skill 5 letters MAGIC
Big name in small trucks 5 letters TONKA
So hypocritical or a hint to the starred clues’ answers 9 letters THATSRICH
Break things off 5 letters ENDIT
All right 4 letters SURE
Word after family or Christmas 4 letters TREE
University bigwigs 5 letters DEANS
Free TV spot 3 letters PSA
Dispatched as a dragon 4 letters SLEW
Soaks (up) 4 letters SOPS
Sound preceding a ripple perhaps 4 letters PLOP
___ fresca (cold drink) 4 letters AGUA
1993 kids’ baseball film with The 7 letters SANDLOT
Doctor Who network 3 letters BBC
Latte art medium 4 letters FOAM
Sources of wrong answers to age-old questions? 7 letters FAKEIDS
Love It or List It channel 4 letters HGTV
Halts as development 7 letters ARRESTS
Tractor brand 5 letters DEERE
Not relaxed 5 letters TENSE
Playful aquatic mammal 5 letters OTTER
Arrange in advance 5 letters SETUP
Cherished 4 letters DEAR
Employer in Mad Men 8 letters ADAGENCY
12 a.m. 8 letters MIDNIGHT
18-wheeler 4 letters SEMI
It famously has no I 4 letters TEAM
Syracuse summer setting: Abbr. 3 letters EDT
Red or White follower in sports 3 letters SOX
Go on and on 3 letters YAK
Praise aggressively 4 letters TOUT
Supporter in battle 4 letters ALLY
Alternative to mousse 3 letters GEL
Tuna type 3 letters AHI
___ Grande 3 letters RIO
Some hotels let you do this early 7 letters CHECKIN
Mentally prepare 7 letters PSYCHUP
Leaves 7 letters DEPARTS
Preliminary races 5 letters HEATS
Purina alternative 4 letters IAMS
Had a role 5 letters ACTED
Gleamed 5 letters SHONE
Passport issuer? 5 letters HONDA
Food for a filly 4 letters OATS
Rowers’ equipment 4 letters OARS
New ___ (Zooey Deschanel sitcom) 4 letters GIRL
Frozen drink brand 4 letters ICEE
___ the fat (chat) 4 letters CHEW
Oolong or rooibos e.g. 3 letters TEA

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