Universal Crossword January 24 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword January 24 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword January 24 2024 Answers:

Strategy 4 letters PLAN
Does some basic math 4 letters ADDS
Gothic church topper 5 letters SPIRE
Ambience 4 letters AURA
Ark architect 4 letters NOAH
Sudden fright 5 letters PANIC
McDonald’s window (Note the last 2 letters of this answer + the first 4 of 19-Across) 9 letters DRIVETHRU
Jargon 5 letters LINGO
Bye! 5 letters SEEYA
Trojan tale 6 letters AENEID
Long sandwich 3 letters SUB
Sings jazz without lyrics 5 letters SCATS
Wished as a farewell (… last 2 letters of this answer + the first 4 of 31-Across) 4 letters BADE
Gave the willies 10 letters CREEPEDOUT
Old Italian currency 4 letters LIRA
In style 4 letters CHIC
Pen brand 3 letters BIC
Like a spoken exam 4 letters ORAL
Drinks from a fountain? 5 letters SODAS
Lavish love (on) 4 letters DOTE
Nail polish maker 3 letters OPI
Laura of Jurassic World Dominion 4 letters DERN
Groovy 4 letters COOL
Opera pioneer Claudio (… last 5 letters of this answer + the first 2 of 50-Across) 10 letters MONTEVERDI
Corner key on a PC 4 letters CTRL
Baloney! 5 letters PSHAW
Albeit briefly 3 letters THO
Written compositions 6 letters ESSAYS
Gotcha to a beatnik 5 letters IMHIP
With 65-Across some boxing results … and a theme hint 5 letters SPLIT
See 62-Across 9 letters DECISIONS
Name that anagrams to Ellis 5 letters LIESL
Hardly at all 4 letters ATAD
Camp beds 4 letters COTS
Busybody 5 letters YENTA
Ferret’s relative 4 letters MINK
Short commercial 4 letters SPOT
Cricket batters’ protective gear 4 letters PADS
Tempt 4 letters LURE
Voyage to India singer India.___ 4 letters ARIE
Elite fighter 8 letters NAVYSEAL
Colonial insect 3 letters ANT
Where Qatar Airways is based 4 letters DOHA
Have the nerve 4 letters DARE
Steer clear of 4 letters SHUN
Join as film 6 letters SPLICE
Moneymaker for Google 6 letters PAIDAD
Roadside lodging 3 letters INN
Oil-drilling apparatus 3 letters RIG
Green prefix 3 letters ECO
___ de toilette 3 letters EAU
Telepathy e.g. 3 letters ESP
Confidentially loops in 4 letters BCCS
In addition 6 letters TOBOOT
Courting sort 6 letters SUITOR
What aptly bookends blossom 5 letters BLOOM
Heat without oil at a movie theater say 6 letters AIRPOP
Saps of energy 6 letters DRAINS
___ Island (smallest state) 5 letters RHODE
Downy duck 5 letters EIDER
Greeting from Hallmark.com 5 letters ECARD
Immune system component 5 letters TCELL
Bad mood 4 letters SNIT
Wonder Woman publisher 8 letters DCCOMICS
Believer in a creator 6 letters THEIST
Latino Walk of Fame’s SoCal neighborhood 6 letters EASTLA
Some are Beetles 3 letters VWS
That guy’s 3 letters HIS
Namesake of an inedible apple? 4 letters ADAM
Himalayan legend 4 letters YETI
All-in-one printer option 4 letters SCAN
Basketball target 4 letters HOOP
Enthusiastic about 4 letters INTO
(Yo listen up!) 4 letters PSST
Foxlike 3 letters SLY
Circular type of chart 3 letters PIE
Novelist Deighton 3 letters LEN
Texter’s No idea 3 letters IDK

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