Universal Crossword January 20 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword January 20 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword January 20 2024 Answers:

Green tube in Mario games 4 letters PIPE
Behind on a ship 3 letters AFT
Actor Mineo 3 letters SAL
Opposite of behind 5 letters AHEAD
Mathematician behind the sequence 1 1 2 3 5 … 9 letters FIBONACCI
Where Belfast is 15 letters NORTHERNIRELAND
Beach lotion abbr. 3 letters SPF
Internet language whose name comes from elite 4 letters LEET
Universal Freestyle 108 and others 6 letters TITLES
Throw forcefully in slang 4 letters YEET
Toy block brand 4 letters LEGO
2 funny 3 letters LOL
Phishing scheme e.g. 4 letters SCAM
How awesome! 4 letters DOPE
Hush puppies for one 4 letters SIDE
Home spa fixture 6 letters HOTTUB
Clownfish who’s the son of Marlin and Coral 4 letters NEMO
Ref. whose 2021 word of the year was vax 3 letters OED
Stop with your conspiracy theories! 15 letters ITSACOINCIDENCE
Home builder’s site 3 letters LOT
1/24 of a dia 4 letters HORA
Grader’s writing implement 6 letters REDPEN
Tales of old 4 letters LORE
Hardness scale name 4 letters MOHS
Flipped pans? 4 letters SNAP
Monopolist’s amount 3 letters ALL
Hit precisely 4 letters NAIL
Aardvark’s morsels 4 letters ANTS
Did the rumba say 6 letters DANCED
Can’t I? is one 4 letters PLEA
Op. ___ 3 letters CIT
Balancing event at a picnic 15 letters EGGANDSPOONRACE
Tokens of friendship 9 letters KEEPSAKES
Western Canadian territory 5 letters YUKON
Pour water on a grease fire e.g. 3 letters ERR
Yang’s companion 3 letters YIN
Needing realignment 4 letters BENT
Velvety blossom 5 letters PANSY
My fingers are also crossed 10 letters IHOPESOTOO
Totally new face 15 letters PERFECTSTRANGER
Feast on feijoada say 3 letters EAT
No chance in heck! 15 letters AINTGONNAHAPPEN
Security org. in The Blacklist 3 letters FBI
Legal wrong 4 letters TORT
Oniony Chinese flatbread 15 letters SCALLIONPANCAKE
Facial breakout 4 letters ACNE
Coffee cup covers 4 letters LIDS
UPS rival 3 letters DHL
Liberated 5 letters FREED
Actor ___ Patrick Harris 4 letters NEIL
Choir section 5 letters ALTOS
Jellied fish in some pies 3 letters EEL
Later luv! 4 letters TATA
Its O doesn’t in fact stand for oil 4 letters OPEC
___ to my surprise … 4 letters MUCH
Kuwaiti bigwig 4 letters EMIR
Subversive Transformers villain 10 letters DECEPTICON
Garden where fig leaves were worn 4 letters EDEN
Ski slope site 4 letters HILL
Dynamite sound 4 letters BOOM
Poems of praise 4 letters ODES
Do pressing work? 4 letters IRON
The Simpsons teacher Krabappel 4 letters EDNA
Free Solo peak informally 5 letters ELCAP
Farm towers 5 letters SILOS
Camera’s eye 4 letters LENS
Zodiac feline 3 letters LEO
Artery opener 5 letters STENT
Evasive hockey maneuver 4 letters DEKE
Ending for teen 4 letters AGER
June 1944 event 4 letters DDAY
___ questions? 3 letters ANY
Be an Alta boy say? 3 letters SKI
Pitmaster’s spice blend 3 letters RUB

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