Universal Crossword January 16 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword January 16 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword January 16 2024 Answers:

___ out (decline to participate) 3 letters OPT
Insecure star Rae 4 letters ISSA
Fox in Back to the Future 5 letters MCFLY
Per ___ (daily) 4 letters DIEM
Afternoon socials 4 letters TEAS
First zodiac sign 5 letters ARIES
Ticklish Muppet 4 letters ELMO
Word after K or Wal 4 letters MART
Fictional work 5 letters NOVEL
*1982 film for which Meryl Streep won Best Actress 13 letters SOPHIESCHOICE
Easy throw 4 letters TOSS
Unit of current briefly 3 letters AMP
Murmur 3 letters COO
*Award whose first winners included Scattergories and Taboo 11 letters MENSASELECT
Better Call Saul network 3 letters AMC
Delivery person? 3 letters MOM
Starbucks size 5 letters VENTI
Burdensome 7 letters ONEROUS
Makes from scratch 7 letters CREATES
Open-source operating system 5 letters LINUX
Fed. property agency 3 letters GSA
It’s not observed in Ariz. 3 letters DST
*It includes free two-day shipping on eligible items 11 letters AMAZONPRIME
However 3 letters YET
Evian product to the French 3 letters EAU
Phooey! 4 letters RATS
Why do we have a problem? … and a hint to the ends of the starred clues’ answers 13 letters WHATSYOURBEEF
Love in Lyon 5 letters AMOUR
Stitches 4 letters SEWS
Trade fair 4 letters EXPO
What 37-Across is equivalent to 5 letters LARGE
Part of Ontario’s border 4 letters ERIE
Peacock part 4 letters TAIL
Ontario and Michigan 5 letters LAKES
Plant originally 4 letters SEED
Glum 3 letters SAD
Keats poems 4 letters ODES
First TV episode 5 letters PILOT
Musical pace 5 letters TEMPO
Quick way to say I can relate 4 letters ITME
Sail the seven ___ 4 letters SEAS
Wise guy’s wit 7 letters SARCASM
Bronchial woe 6 letters ASTHMA
Pedi’s partner 4 letters MANI
Nile reptile for short 4 letters CROC
Nickel’s value 9 letters FIVECENTS
Gymnast Sunisa 3 letters LEE
French designer’s initials 3 letters YSL
___ scale on which topaz is an eight 4 letters MOHS
Ideology suffix 3 letters ISM
Black ___ (covert missions) 3 letters OPS
Group of eight 5 letters OCTET
Soul singer Redding 4 letters OTIS
Outback bird 3 letters EMU
Rejections 3 letters NOS
Second person? 3 letters EVE
Pb to chemists 4 letters LEAD
Japanese cartoon style 5 letters ANIME
Highway sign featuring a guy with a shovel 9 letters MENATWORK
University of California Santa ___ 4 letters CRUZ
Cosmetic brand whose name sounds like a cheer 4 letters OLAY
Maker of POP kitchen containers 3 letters OXO
Forensic TV franchise 3 letters CSI
Male in a flock 3 letters RAM
Swiss relative 7 letters GRUYERE
Snare for tuna 3 letters NET
Declines to bid 6 letters PASSES
Go wrong 3 letters ERR
Assist with a crime 4 letters ABET
Second-largest state 5 letters TEXAS
Old photo tone 5 letters SEPIA
Enormous 4 letters HUGE
Greek god whose name sounds like 16-Across 4 letters ARES
Boo-boo 4 letters OWIE
Secondhand 4 letters USED
Not call or raise 4 letters FOLD
Tide alternative 3 letters ALL
Goat’s sound 3 letters MAA

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