Universal Crossword January 15 2024 Answers

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Universal Crossword January 15 2024 Answers:

Procedure done to Stayin’ Alive: Abbr. 3 letters CPR
Top ___ Entertainment 4 letters DAWG
It’s phony-baloney 4 letters HOAX
Look what I found! 3 letters AHA
Scraped knees and paper cuts for example 5 letters OWIES
Revolutionary car component? 4 letters AXLE
Butter ___ (small pastry) 4 letters TART
Finally lost one’s temper 5 letters HADIT
A moral person will take the high one 4 letters ROAD
Achieve greatness 12 letters BREAKARECORD
Straightforward class 5 letters EASYA
Set someone up to rap 9 letters DROPABEAT
Certain MLB players during the Steroid Era 6 letters DOPERS
Opera whose title anagrams to coats 5 letters TOSCA
That girl 3 letters SHE
Sticky situations 6 letters MESSES
Thing 4 letters ITEM
Express happiness 11 letters CRACKASMILE
Ad writer’s muse? 4 letters CLIO
Controversial kind of powder 6 letters TALCUM
Winter clock setting in NYC 3 letters EST
Employ against 5 letters USEON
Like Everest vis-a-vis Fuji 6 letters TALLER
Start dancing 9 letters BUSTAMOVE
Two-finger message 5 letters PEACE
Quickly photograph something 12 letters SNAPAPICTURE
Univ. instructor 4 letters PROF
Angered 5 letters RILED
Poetic tributes 4 letters ODES
Wife of Jupiter 4 letters JUNO
Prepare to propose 5 letters KNEEL
In-flight guess for short 3 letters ETA
Person with a mystical gaze 4 letters SEER
Craft website 4 letters ETSY
Single situp say 3 letters REP
Calicos’ comfy cots 7 letters CATBEDS
Ancient Egyptian ruler 7 letters PHARAOH
Concern for the World Wildlife Fund 11 letters RARESPECIES
Qatari capital 4 letters DOHA
Grammy for instance 5 letters AWARD
Like a highway with more lanes 5 letters WIDER
Car insurance giant 5 letters GEICO
Cook in the shell as an egg 8 letters HARDBOIL
Kitchen gizmo brand 3 letters OXO
Chicken ___ king 3 letters ALA
Ticked as a box 3 letters XED
Cut it out! 4 letters STOP
Rent actor Diggs 4 letters TAYE
It’s what you deserve 5 letters KARMA
Sewer animal 3 letters RAT
Cosmetics icon whose first name appears in many crosswords 11 letters ESTEELAUDER
No-return service? 3 letters ACE
Scottish cap 3 letters TAM
Religious branch 4 letters SECT
Jamaican music genre 3 letters SKA
Nickname that omits vatore 3 letters SAL
Corner key 3 letters ESC
X-rated reading material 4 letters SMUT
Cheers on 8 letters ROOTSFOR
Classic Windows slogan 5 letters IMAPC
Baby lion 3 letters CUB
Sch. in Baton Rouge 3 letters LSU
Discharge as hormones 7 letters SECRETE
Syrupy substance 7 letters TREESAP
Granny to a Brit 3 letters NAN
Morbius star Jared 4 letters LETO
Word after question or quotation 4 letters MARK
State a viewpoint 5 letters OPINE
___ parking 5 letters VALET
Fencing blades 5 letters EPEES
In an unoccupied manner 4 letters IDLY
Comfy sleepwear 3 letters PJS
Regret 3 letters RUE
The loneliest number 3 letters ONE

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