Universal Crossword January 14 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword January 14 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword January 14 2024 Answers:

Fuse together as metal 4 letters WELD
One of the Musketeers 5 letters ATHOS
Mortgage adjustment for short 4 letters REFI
Actress Falco or singer Brickell 4 letters EDIE
Person who always gets things? 10 letters SHOPAHOLIC
Concept 4 letters IDEA
Foundational recollection 10 letters COREMEMORY
What gets wetter as it dries? is one 6 letters RIDDLE
Singer whose album names are all numbers 5 letters ADELE
Go off the ___ (totally lose it) 7 letters DEEPEND
Machines in Nevada airports 5 letters SLOTS
Swipe right if you hate pineapple on pizza say 9 letters TINDERBIO
SFO e.g. for United Airlines 3 letters HUB
Amazon assistant 5 letters ALEXA
Lavish bash 4 letters FETE
Toy that is very painful to step on 4 letters LEGO
Onigiri ingredient 4 letters RICE
Assistants 5 letters AIDES
Mouth-related 4 letters ORAL
Global: Abbr. 4 letters INTL
Years and Years actress Miller 4 letters TNIA
Thwart 5 letters AVERT
Much ___ About Nothing 3 letters ADO
Early funding for a startup founder 9 letters SEEDMONEY
Shrimper’s net 5 letters TRAWL
Item of footwear with buckles and straps 7 letters SKIBOOT
Mane attractions at the zoo? 5 letters LIONS
Loose-fitting top 6 letters BLOUSE
Mindless entertainment 10 letters BRAINCANDY
The m of F = ma 4 letters MASS
Actually everything’s fine 10 letters FALSEALARM
Person from the U.K. 4 letters BRIT
Pool surface? 4 letters FELT
Mental mistake 5 letters LAPSE
Sets eyes on 4 letters SEES
How strange 5 letters WEIRD
Actor Murphy 5 letters EDDIE
Polygraph 11 letters LIEDETECTOR
Defective spot on a screen 9 letters DEADPIXEL
Go up 6 letters ASCEND
However briefly 3 letters THO
Hour in Spanish 4 letters HORA
Left-leaning column say? 4 letters OPED
OMG me too! 8 letters SAMESIES
Juliet’s beau 5 letters ROMEO
Xanadu rock grp. 3 letters ELO
Fragrant tree 3 letters FIR
Like some lakes in the winter 3 letters ICY
Anybody home? 5 letters HELLO
Name hidden in middle name 4 letters LENA
Give meaning to 6 letters DEFINE
Cry upon finding one’s lost pet 11 letters THEREYOUARE
Cookie ingredient 5 letters SUGAR
Renovated 5 letters REDID
Second-string groups 6 letters BTEAMS
Make a break for it 4 letters BOLT
Solo at the Met 4 letters ARIA
Swiss chocolatier 5 letters LINDT
Showers with affection in a manipulative way 9 letters LOVEBOMBS
Favored produce grown nearby maybe 8 letters ATELOCAL
Actor Kapoor 4 letters ANIL
Boars and pigs 5 letters SWINE
No complaints here 6 letters OKBYME
VIP roster 5 letters ALIST
Actor and activist Davis 5 letters OSSIE
What unprepared students dread 5 letters TESTS
Simba’s partner 4 letters NALA
Oh ___! (Nice comeback!) 4 letters SNAP
Friend 4 life 3 letters BFF
TikTok star Addison 3 letters RAE
Every bit 3 letters ALL
ENTs OB-GYNs etc. 3 letters DRS


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