Universal Crossword January 10 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword January 10 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword January 10 2024 Answers:

Coke or Pepsi 4 letters COLA
Black out in a way 6 letters REDACT
Lines on a map: Abbr. 3 letters RDS
Competitor of Thrifty 4 letters AVIS
Verdi opera in which Iago is a baritone 6 letters OTELLO
Ump’s call 3 letters OUT
Watch your mouth! 11 letters KEEPITCLEAN
___-Wan Kenobi 3 letters OBI
Lure 6 letters ENTICE
What to do when you don’t know the words to a song 3 letters HUM
Superfan 4 letters STAN
Achy 4 letters SORE
Wins the lottery say 9 letters HITSITBIG
Doing nothing 4 letters IDLE
Pet name that sounds like a body of water 3 letters BAE
Song of praise 4 letters HYMN
Peke squeak 3 letters YIP
Real Housewives icon Giudice 6 letters TERESA
Abu Dhabi’s land for short 3 letters UAE
Ideal guy or a hint to the end of 17- 24- 48- or 61-Across 7 letters MRRIGHT
Upholstery problem 3 letters RIP
See ya! 6 letters BYEBYE
Golfer’s prop 3 letters TEE
(Hey! Over here!) 4 letters PSST
Uncle in Spanish 3 letters TIO
Run like heck 4 letters TEAR
You’re about as important as a white crayon and others 9 letters SICKBURNS
Obscures with up 4 letters FOGS
Verifiable 4 letters WAHR
___ Paulo Brazil 3 letters SAO
Faux family name in punk rock 6 letters RAMONE
Snitch 3 letters RAT
Human line? 11 letters IMNOTAROBOT
Absorbed as a cost 3 letters ATE
Siamese intoxicant 6 letters CATNIP
Poi source 4 letters TARO
Shortest answer from a Magic 8 Ball 3 letters YES
Perturbs 6 letters UPSETS
Biblical garden 4 letters EDEN
One might say Happy Birthday in frosting 4 letters CAKE
Hot spots 5 letters OVENS
Deceive 5 letters LIETO
Medicine cabinet staple 7 letters ASPIRIN
Mechanical repetition 4 letters ROTE
List ender: Abbr. 3 letters ETC
India’s second-most populous city 5 letters DELHI
Certain Native Alaskan 5 letters ALEUT
Mollusks in linguine alle vongole 5 letters CLAMS
Heavy weight 3 letters TON
A&W and Barq’s 9 letters ROOTBEERS
Home of the Burj Khalifa 5 letters DUBAI
Undercover operation 5 letters STING
Like chilled coffee 4 letters ICED
Antares or Polaris 4 letters STAR
Successor 4 letters HEIR
Suuure … 4 letters IBET
U-shaped stringed instrument 4 letters LYRE
Busy airport 3 letters HUB
Whoopee! 3 letters YAY
Rom-com staples 9 letters MEETCUTES
Set (against) 3 letters PIT
What you used to be? 4 letters THEE
Bro’s sibling maybe 3 letters SIS
Well-chosen 3 letters APT
Initial advice for busybodies? 4 letters MYOB
Understands 4 letters GETS
Triathlon ride 4 letters BIKE
Raise in rank 7 letters PROMOTE
Way out there 4 letters AFAR
Go off course 5 letters STRAY
Very ticked off 5 letters IRATE
Red-and-blue graphic on election night 5 letters USMAP
Talks wildly 5 letters RANTS
Everybody’s opposite 5 letters NOONE
Become spoiled 5 letters GOBAD
Sleeper’s sound 5 letters SNORE
Freestyles over a beat perhaps 4 letters RAPS
Berkshire boarding school 4 letters ETON
Critical hospital dept. 3 letters ICU
Small songbird 3 letters TIT

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