Universal Crossword February 9 2023 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword February 9 2023 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword February 9 2023 Answers:

Type of oil in weed gummies 3 letters CBD
Intensifies with up 4 letters AMPS
Regular routine 5 letters HABIT
Dry as a desert 4 letters ARID
Compete on Chopped 4 letters COOK
Almost the same 5 letters ALIKE
Mysterious symbol 4 letters RUNE
Lake north of Cleveland 4 letters ERIE
Large striped cat 5 letters TIGER
Partner for life 10 letters ONEANDONLY
Grifter’s scheme 4 letters SCAM
Green Light singer 2017 5 letters LORDE
Ninja’s asset 7 letters STEALTH
What’s picked up in a hurry? 4 letters PACE
Most common word in English 3 letters THE
It may be scrambled 3 letters EGG
Slow tree-dwelling mammal 5 letters SLOTH
Start of a refrain in Do-Re-Mi 8 letters DOEADEER
When doubled a tot’s train 4 letters CHOO
Menzel of Frozen 5 letters IDINA
Nordic city once called Christiania 4 letters OSLO
Journalist on CNN This Morning 8 letters DONLEMON
Freelancers’ quotes 5 letters RATES
Gear sprocket 3 letters COG
Tree whose name sounds like a vowel 3 letters YEW
Fix typoss say 4 letters EDIT
Never-ending 7 letters ETERNAL
Wanderer 5 letters NOMAD
Bats’ home 4 letters CAVE
Nearly finished or a description of the first words of 20- 35- and 41-Across 10 letters ALMOSTDONE
Helvetica’s cousin 5 letters ARIAL
Posthumous bio 4 letters OBIT
Thor’s father 4 letters ODIN
Back in style 5 letters RETRO
Wait there’s more … 4 letters ALSO
Student’s obstacle 4 letters TEST
Ultimate approval 5 letters SAYSO
Like the Mariana Trench 4 letters DEEP
Guitar maker Paul 3 letters LES
Jingle Bells e.g. 5 letters CAROL
Name that anagrams to rub on 5 letters BRUNO
Roadside eatery 5 letters DINER
Scored perfectly on 4 letters ACED
Feeling blue 6 letters MOROSE
Score unit 5 letters POINT
It makes up about 15% of your body weight 8 letters SKELETON
Word before trick or tree 3 letters HAT
Star cluster? 5 letters ALIST
Top dog 9 letters BIGCHEESE
MALM desk seller 4 letters IKEA
4 years for Argentina’s president 4 letters TERM
Wade Wilson’s alter ego in Marvel comics 8 letters DEADPOOL
Well-organized 4 letters NEAT
Know what I’m sayin’? 7 letters YAHEARD
Back to the Future actress Thompson 3 letters LEA
Fire-breathing Greek monster 7 letters CHIMERA
Hair goops 4 letters GELS
Miracle-___ 3 letters GRO
Go away! 4 letters SHOO
Staying power 9 letters LONGEVITY
Loud racket 3 letters DIN
Puzzle in which kids make connections 8 letters DOTTODOT
Atlanta health org. 3 letters CDC
Get off the internet? 8 letters DOWNLOAD
In the blink of an ___ 3 letters EYE
___ Misbehavin’ (jazz standard) 4 letters AINT
Title girl in Kay Thompson books 6 letters ELOISE
Rips 5 letters TEARS
Mosey along 5 letters AMBLE
Wear on a runway 5 letters MODEL
Star ___ (Asian spice) 5 letters ANISE
Fender bender results 5 letters DENTS
Lamborghinis e.g. 4 letters CARS
364900 square miles for Tanzania 4 letters AREA
Enough! 4 letters STOP
Brit’s potty 3 letters LOO

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