Universal Crossword February 7 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword February 7 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword February 7 2024 Answers:

Intended 5 letters MEANT
Japanese consumer electronics brand 4 letters AIWA
Wine holders 4 letters JUGS
It points the way 5 letters ARROW
What could aptly be used on a golf shirt 4 letters IRON
Soon poetically 4 letters ANON
Occupation 10 letters PROFESSION
Dot in the ocean 4 letters ISLE
Mountains dividing Asia and Europe 5 letters URALS
Blender spinner 5 letters BLADE
Facial crease 7 letters WRINKLE
Cow call 3 letters MOO
Tasseled topper 3 letters FEZ
One of 100 in D.C. 3 letters SEN
Lantern lighter 8 letters KEROSENE
Esau’s twin 5 letters JACOB
Infuriate 6 letters ENRAGE
They never meet … or what 17- 22- 48- and 56-Across are? 13 letters PARALLELLINES
Horse’s headgear 6 letters BRIDLE
Beaten by a hair 5 letters EDGED
Something to sleep on 8 letters BEDSHEET
Former GM line 3 letters GEO
Put the finishing touches on as a cake 3 letters ICE
For us 3 letters OUR
Water-skier’s necessity 7 letters TOWROPE
Animal in a flock 5 letters SHEEP
English county 5 letters SHIRE
Hefty book 4 letters TOME
Genealogy 10 letters FAMILYTREE
Film spool 4 letters REEL
Nerve fiber 4 letters AXON
Dead to Me actress Cardellini 5 letters LINDA
Casino calculation 4 letters ODDS
Asks for a dog treat 4 letters BEGS
Bakery elevator? 5 letters YEAST
Cartographer’s chart 3 letters MAP
Goof 3 letters ERR
Not prone to crushes briefly 3 letters ARO
Quite a drag 5 letters NOFUN
Dance like Miley Cyrus 5 letters TWERK
High-traffic area in a theater 5 letters AISLE
It surrounds a pupil 4 letters IRIS
Try to win over 3 letters WOO
___ Arbor 3 letters ANN
Monopoly corner 4 letters JAIL
Hazardous 6 letters UNSAFE
Like some retrievers 6 letters GOLDEN
Ragweed reaction 6 letters SNEEZE
Name hidden in tags along 3 letters SAL
___-woogie 6 letters BOOGIE
Financial daily for short 3 letters WSJ
Gather as crops 4 letters REAP
Ancient Peruvian 4 letters INCA
Haggard of country music 5 letters MERLE
Like some histories 4 letters ORAL
Prepared to propose 5 letters KNELT
Email button 4 letters SEND
Spheres 4 letters ORBS
Go from pub to pub 6 letters BARHOP
Respected figure 5 letters ELDER
Stead 4 letters LIEU
Pop-up breakfast brand 4 letters EGGO
Leak slowly 4 letters SEEP
Buck’s mate 3 letters DOE
Small restaurant 6 letters BISTRO
Reverberated 6 letters ECHOED
Judged to be 6 letters DEEMED
Dilutes 5 letters THINS
Word after essential or vegetable 3 letters OIL
In a sardonic way 5 letters WRYLY
Lace up again 5 letters RETIE
Slippery swimmers 4 letters EELS
Urban haze 4 letters SMOG
Super-duper 3 letters FAB
Hatchet for one 3 letters AXE
Genetic messenger 3 letters RNA
Magazine VIPs 3 letters EDS
Have some food 3 letters EAT

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