Universal Crossword February 5 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword February 5 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword February 5 2024 Answers:

It’s bound to happen 4 letters FATE
Type of vinegar or liquor 4 letters MALT
Add as a signature or stamp 5 letters AFFIX
Word said with a sigh 4 letters ALAS
Site originally named AuctionWeb 4 letters EBAY
Far from worldly 5 letters NAIVE
Bubbly mixer 4 letters COLA
Weather measure briefly 4 letters TEMP
Readied like a trumpet 5 letters TUNED
Who cares what you think? 13 letters THOUGHTPOLICE
Japanese honorific 3 letters SAN
Unpopular fed. agency 3 letters IRS
Winter hanger 6 letters ICICLE
Hooray at the World Cup 3 letters OLE
Tin containers in a homemade phone 4 letters CANS
Carpool lane inits. 3 letters HOV
Who can tell? 10 letters TATTLETALE
Supermodel Hadid 4 letters GIGI
Hijack star Elba 5 letters IDRIS
Accessibility law inits. 3 letters ADA
Hedgehog in video games 5 letters SONIC
And so … 4 letters THUS
Who’s on first? 10 letters OPENINGACT
Auction unit 3 letters LOT
Has no choice 4 letters MUST
Chinese path 3 letters TAO
Rebounds as sound 6 letters ECHOES
Seek clarification 3 letters ASK
Daddy turkey 3 letters TOM
Who am I kidding? 13 letters BUTTOFTHEJOKE
Delmonico alternative 5 letters TBONE
Get along slangily 4 letters VIBE
Planets and peepers 4 letters ORBS
Transmission repair chain 5 letters AAMCO
Open a bit 4 letters AJAR
Chip brand with a Dill Pickle variety 4 letters LAYS
Like an unimpaired driver 5 letters SOBER
Lo-cal on a label 4 letters LITE
Nonbinary pronoun 4 letters THEY
They’re not wrong 5 letters FACTS
___ Bowl (Honolulu football game) 5 letters ALOHA
Eagle’s claw 5 letters TALON
Jacob’s brother 4 letters ESAU
I’m with you both! 7 letters METHREE
Helps criminally 5 letters ABETS
Genie’s home 4 letters LAMP
This clue haS one 4 letters TYPO
Tomfoolery 6 letters ANTICS
___ ouchie (slang for a COVID vaccine) 5 letters FAUCI
Holiday dishes? 9 letters FINECHINA
___ been there 3 letters IVE
Crossed (out) 3 letters XED
Lionfish lungs 5 letters GILLS
Queue in the U.S. 4 letters LINE
Valid reasoning 5 letters LOGIC
Throw out of an apartment 5 letters EVICT
Singer Redding 4 letters OTIS
Certain Annapolis student 5 letters CADET
Apollo 12 astronaut Bean 4 letters ALAN
Queen duchess or countess 5 letters TITLE
For a specific purpose as a committee 5 letters ADHOC
Blunt statement of 1-Down 9 letters TRUTHBOMB
Maple tree inserts 4 letters TAPS
Type of dancer or boot 4 letters GOGO
Charmer’s reptile 5 letters SNAKE
Throw out of office 4 letters OUST
The food arrived! 7 letters ITSHERE
Falling star 6 letters METEOR
___ : prevention :: pound : cure 5 letters OUNCE
Chance to hit a baseball 5 letters ATBAT
Bat mitzvah text 5 letters TORAH
Sounds good talk to you later 5 letters OKBYE
Littered with clothes say 5 letters MESSY
Velodrome track’s shape 4 letters OVAL
Water brand from an island country 4 letters FIJI
Sudden shock 4 letters JOLT
Profs’ helpers 3 letters TAS
Chinese steamed bun 3 letters BAO

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