Universal Crossword February 4 2024 Answers

You are here probably to find: Universal Crossword February 4 2024 Answers. We recommend our visitors to play and bring their free time solving crossword puzzles, because it helps strengthen our memory.

Universal Crossword February 4 2024 Answers:

Go off like a bath bomb 6 letters FOAMUP
Pal 4 letters CHUM
Knives Out actress de Armas 3 letters ANA
Pop star Grande 6 letters ARIANA
Is infatuated say 8 letters HASITBAD
Actor’s reading 6 letters SCRIPT
Tragic really 8 letters ITSSOSAD
Phrase seen after 1989? 14 letters TAYLORSVERSION
Manage somehow 4 letters COPE
1980s TV ET 3 letters ALF
First part of a play 6 letters ACTONE
Acadia automaker 3 letters GMC
Hush! 3 letters SHH
Tolstoy’s The Death of ___ Ilyich 4 letters IVAN
Farewell that’s a popular first Wordle guess 5 letters ADIEU
Shirt for a hot day 3 letters TEE
Let sleeping dogs lie! 15 letters DONTPOKETHEBEAR
Ick! 3 letters EWW
Take in or let out 5 letters ALTER
Guns as an engine 4 letters REVS
Opposite of NNW 3 letters SSE
Prefix with natal 3 letters NEO
Like a plot fit to plow 6 letters ARABLE
Gallivant 3 letters GAD
Hosted as a talent show 4 letters MCED
So deserved! 14 letters LOVETHATFORYOU
Abridged getaway after a wedding 8 letters MINIMOON
Labor groups 6 letters UNIONS
Namesake of a spiciness scale 8 letters SCOVILLE
(Tee-hee!) 6 letters GIGGLE
Recently released 3 letters NEW
Garbed 4 letters CLAD
Blue book contents 6 letters ESSAYS
Speedy 4 letters FAST
Predator in the Puget Sound 4 letters ORCA
Breezy 4 letters AIRY
Word after snail or chain 4 letters MAIL
A little in Lima 6 letters UNPOCO
Tequila brand or a sponsor 6 letters PATRON
Baked potato herb 5 letters CHIVE
Abhor 4 letters HATE
Back in the ___ (Beatles song) 4 letters USSR
Fail to come onstage when signaled 8 letters MISSACUE
Core feature made during crunch time? 10 letters ABSOFSTEEL
Tandoori bread 4 letters NAAN
Toss in 3 letters ADD
Work hard 4 letters TOIL
Address verbally 7 letters SPEAKTO
Swears 5 letters AVOWS
Isn’t it time for us to leave? 10 letters CANWEGONOW
Blasted stuff 3 letters TNT
Part of the human body that’s about 30 ft. long 7 letters GITRACT
Just OK 3 letters MEH
___-ho! (Everybody pull!) 5 letters HEAVE
Pronoun on a certain towel 4 letters HERS
Scary time for Caesar 4 letters IDES
Look at Me I’m Sandra ___ (Grease song) 3 letters DEE
Cooperative board game about fighting diseases 8 letters PANDEMIC
Corrida cheer 3 letters OLE
Gimme a sec! 3 letters BRB
Haven 6 letters REFUGE
Handsome guy 6 letters ADONIS
Tel ___ 4 letters AVIV
Like a lion in terms of hair 5 letters MANED
They’ll make you feel lousy! 4 letters LICE
Word before bridge or booth 4 letters TOLL
Hi in Spanish 4 letters HOLA
Gaming ___ (powerful PCs) 4 letters RIGS
Exercise with poses 4 letters YOGA
___ Murders in the Building (TV show) 4 letters ONLY
Employs 4 letters USES
Site known for display names like *~*PuZzLeGiRL*~* 3 letters MSN

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